Is artificial turf toxic?

The question is artificial turf toxic? is always best put to the manufacture of the grass you are interested in. This is because most synthetic turf available on the market is non toxic. However, certain reports suggest that a high percentage of lead has been found in lower quality EU and Chinese grass. Lead can harm pets and children if ingested, so it’s vital that you know what your grass contains.

Designed to be 100% pet friendly

Higher quality artificial grass sourced from the United States, such as K9 Turf ProFlow runs no such risk. This artificial grass has been designed to be 100% pet friendly and therefore contains no toxic materials such as lead.Is artificial turf toxic


When the question is artificial grass toxic? is posed, there are other factors to consider as well as its contents. Certain types of cheaper latex grass can become toxic once installed. Although the products aren’t manufactured using chemicals, their absorbent materials can be infiltrated with harmful chemicals. This is most common when pets are involved.

Most pet owners don’t realise

What most pet owners don’t realise is although they may have found a bargain with latex grass, it can become toxic very quickly. If pet waste isn’t cleaned pretty much immediately, then the ammonia found in urine will seap under the grass and become absorbed by the latex backing. Over time, toxic pockets will build up and let off harmful chemicals which can be poisonous to children and animals.

Help remove the toxins and nasty odours

This is now a recognised problem and consequently, there are plenty of enzyme cleaners available on the market. They will help remove the toxins and nasty odours to an extent on latex grass.


However, if you want artificial grass that will stay toxin free then it is worth investing in K9 ProFlow turf. Made using durable, weather resistant polymers, the grass is anti-porous and so repels any excess liquids and urine. It also has no drainage holes, meaning pet waste cannot sleep underneath the grass into the backing. Therefore, unlike latex grass, K9 Turf ProFLow Polyurethane backed grass remains toxin free.

Harmful bacteria and odours from the surface

It is still important, of course, that you clean the turf regularly. For best results, we recommend using K9 Enzyme cleaners, which penetrate into the grass and seperate any harmful bacteria and odours from the surface. They can then be easily washed away leaving your grass clean and free of any nasty toxins.

100% Safe for pets

For pet owners, we also recommend K9 ZeoLite Infill which acts as an added barrier against the build up of odours and bacteria. Made using organic ingredients, the product is 100% safe for pets, unlike other products in the market. It is formed from a negatively charged molecular structure which absorbs any urine like a magnet, preventing bacteria and harmful gases from forming which can be toxic for pets and small children.


Therefore, when asked is artificial turf toxic?  the simple answer is no, as long as it is cleaned often – especially if you are a dog owner. By giving your lawn a good hose down and using K9 Turf enzyme cleaners, you can rest assured that your turf will remain toxin free.

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