Is AstroTurf bad for dogs?

Is AstroTurf bad for dogs? AstroTurf is a brand name for the turf more commonly used on sports grounds and pitches. If you’re planning to invest in synthetic turf for dogs, we would recommend that you opt for ProFlow Polyurethane backed grass. This non-perforated grass has been designed to eliminate the issues commonly associated with cheaper latex products.

100% Pet Friendly Artificial Grass

If you’re looking for artificial grass that is 100% pet friendly then we would recommend ProFlow Polyurethane backed grass. This variety has been designed for dogs using materials that are far less absorbent than traditional latex backed grass. The comprehensive system used to create the backing means that it is designed to allow urine and any other waste to drain away easily. It therefore repels any bad odours and ensures your turf remains toxin free.Is AstroTurf bad for dogs


Latex grass on the other hand was never designed with pets in mind. Its absorbent fibres soak up pet urine making it extremely difficult to clean. The absorbed ammonia then forms toxic ammonia pockets, which makes the grass harmful to pets and children. The chemicals released can cause breathing issues and damage the environment. It is therefore imperative that the grass is cleaned each time a dog wees.

K9 Turf ProFlow Polyurethane backed grass

To avoid these issues and provide dog owners with a solution, K9 Turf ProFlow Polyurethane backed grass was developed. Using durable, corrosion proof polymers, the grass is far less absorbent and therefore easier to clean. The grass provides a much safer environment for your pets and children and allows any urine to drain away easily. There are also plenty of enzyme cleaners now available which help you to achieve optimum results. The cleaners are easy to use and act as added barriers to the buildup of ammonia. Your pets can therefore enjoy the garden and you can rest assured that your artificial turf will provide a safe, toxin free environment. For best results, we recommend K9 Zeolite infill and enzyme cleaners.


To ensure that K9 Turf ProFlow Polyurethane backed grass stays 100% pet friendly, at Lawn World, we recommend using our four phase installation system. This not only boosts the lifespan of the grass but also enhances drainage and ensures it stays bacteria free.


Our process involves a full garden excavation which removes any debris and smooths out the surface. Plastic battens are then installed around the garden perimeter and reinforced with concrete. They help to ensure the grass stays in place and prevents the edges from coming up over time.


A layer of crushed rock and grano is then spread across the surface. This acts as a solid foundation and ensures any excess liquids can drain through easily – unlike sand and concrete. Once the foundations are in place, the four grass backing layers are installed which enhance drainage by up to 400%.


Our installation team then spread a layer of organic K9 Zeolite Infill across the surface of the grass. This acts as an added barrier against pet waste and prevents bacteria and nasty odours building up over time. Using this system, you will help ensure that your garden remains a pet friendly environment. It will also help to prevent any drainage issues and ensure your garden is built to last.


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