Lawn World Artificial Grass In Ormskirk, Fake Grass In Ormskirk

Lawn World provide high quality Artificial Grass in Ormskirk, designed to enhance your garden and provide an all weather solution.

Using a specially designed 4 phase installation system, we ensure the grass has an advanced drainage system and is built to last.artificial grass ormskirk

1. Strong Groundwork

The most important part of your lawn is the base which should be strong enough to bear a heavy footfall. This is why we use materials that offer a durable base like crushed rock and grano. To strengthen the turf, 2” x 2” plastic batten is also installed.

2. K9 Turf ProFlow Urethane Backing

The backing of your turf is an essential component. Our artificial grass has K9 Turf ProFlow Urethane Backing that eliminates the problems of the perforated backing. Moreover, it improves the drainage capacity of the turf that helps in keeping the grass dry and clean.

3. Excellent Infill

The infill we use is K9 Turf ZeoLite infill that is sourced from natural sources. This means that it causes no threat to the health of your pets and family. It will make sure your lawn has a clean, beautiful and fresh appearance. All the toxic materials will be gathered in the infill and will be released when it rains. This provides safe place for pets to play.

4. Outstanding Cleaner

Our artificial turf will have an enzyme cleaner that will penetrate the surface to clean all the materials. The cleaner is great for eliminating all the bacteria, organic matter, and bad odour. It will leave no trace of dirt, dust, and waste of your pet.artificial grass ormskirk

Artificial Grass In Ormskirk, Fake Grass In Ormskirk

Artificial turf can really enhance the curb appeal of your home, something that residents in Ormskirk pride themselves on. The rich history and old historical buildings fit seamlessly with the nature that surrounds this little town.

Maintaining the town green is difficult considering the climate that dominates the area. The heavy rainfall can cost the residents hundreds of pounds a year spent on fertilizers, cleaning and maintaining their lawns. However, there is a much easier choice and that is artificial grass in Ormskirk.

The high quality artificial turf in Ormskirk should contain the following features:

  • It should come with a polyurethane backed backing with holes for draining the rainwater. This is very important for areas like Ormskirk where every year, heavy rainfall takes place;
  • Artificial lawns should not be distinguishable from the live ones;
  • On touch, the artificial grass should be soft and should have a non abrasive texture;
  • Artificial grass should have many grass blades placed in a dense manner. This will therefore enhance the face weight and make it look as close to natural grass as possible.

Full comprehensive 8-15 years warranty on both the grass and installation.

The market of the artificial grass in Ormskirk is growing more and more every year and nowadays, there are numerous designs and types to choose from. The advantages artificial grass comes with are indisputable, Lawn World artificial grass technology is incomparable with others in the competition due to the advanced polyurethane backed grass, base materials that are engineered to last and a full comprehensive 8-15 years warranty on both the grass and installation.

Maintaining a beautiful garden and lawn can be a difficult task for many and considering all the effort that goes into it, most prefer to choose the easier maintainable artificial grass in Ormskirk. Some of the advantages of the artificial grass for landscaping are that it requires little effort to be maintained, it looks great and alive in every season and environment and there are numerous designs to choose from.

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