Lawn World Artificial Grass in Leigh, Fake Grass in Leigh

At Lawn World, we supply artificial grass in Leigh that is 100% pet friendly. Using a 4 phase installation system, we ensure your lawn is fitted to an excellent standard and built to last.

If you want to a healthy lawn that’s green all year round, then K9 turf artificial grass is the ideal option for you. This synthetic turf will eliminate all the hassles that come with the real grass such as cleanliness and maintenance. Furthermore, you’ll no longer need to spend a fortune on fertilisers, cleaning supplies, and other gardening tools.Artificial Grass in Leigh

The biggest advantage of artificial grass with K9 turf comes in the form of its 4-phase install system. Each phase of this system has its own set of functionalities that are explained below:

A Strong Base

The first phase of this system looks after your base work. With a strong base, your turf will last longer. Moreover, it ensures your lawn has a comprehensive drainage system. As a result, liquid pet urine will drain through the grass easier.

Proflow Urethane Backing

This particular phase ensures there is no weed eruption in the turf. Proflow urethane backing adds strength to the turf as it is made from four different layers. Another benefit of this backing is that it increases the drainage capacity of the turf.

Eco-Friendly Infill

K9 turf comes with eco-friendly infill. Its main component is zeolite, which is considered to be absolutely safe for the environment.

Turf Cleaner

K9 turf boasts of a powerful enzyme cleaner that takes care of the unpleasant smell, liquid spill, and animal’s waste.Artificial Grass in Leigh

Artificial Grass in Leigh, Fake Grass in Leigh

To sum up, this pet-friendly and long lasting lawn can enhance the value of your garden a great deal.

With Lawn World Artificial Grass there is no need to think about watering your lawn again, and absolutely no maintenance of any kind. Ever!

Lawn World Artificial Grass looks like grass and feels like grass.

Lawn World is a nationwide installer of artificial grass. We provide a variety of grasses to meet your practical and financial needs.

Your Lawn World Artificial Grass garden is not only good for the environment; it makes your house look great all year round. The unique multi-coloured blades match the look of real grass.

Our lawns have plenty of great benefits from saving you money to preventing the need for toxic pesticides. They are also environmentally friendly and lead-free.

One of the best features of an artificial grass lawn is the saving you’ll make on water. Artificial grass lawns also require absolutely no chemical treatments making them safer for your loved ones. Avoid any pesticide, herbicide or fertilizer. Over time, your Lawn World lawn will pay for itself, saving you lots of money on water and maintenance and typically within 5 to 7 years.Artificial Grass in Leigh

Artificial Grass in Leigh

One of the most recognizable and well known landmarks in Leigh, currently, is the Leigh Sports Village Stadium home to Leigh’s own Centurions. This stadium field withstands a heavy footfall  nearly every day so has a strong and durable base. The team opted for an artificial grass pitch which provides the perfect foundation for the regular matches. The grass allows the players to train and play without worrying about uprooting or damaging the grass. There’s also less chance of injury thanks to the cushioned base. Now residents of Leigh can have the very same grass in their own gardens.

Parent’s Biggest Worry

The biggest worry parents have when their children play outdoors is that they’ll fall and injure themselves. There’s also the concern that they’ll treck inside with muddy feet and dirty clothes. But with artificial grass, you can wave goodbye to those fears.  With this grass you don’t need mud so you can forget about any more messy play times and with stains.

It’s clear why this trend is catching on with Leigh residents; even more so with people who wish to decorate their lawns. Every lawn enthusiast will know how much of a hassle it is to maintain grass.

Artificial grass even proves to more economically fruitful in the long run. The amount you save on water bills, fertilizer and all that is staggering. Once you get artificial grass you can then spend your time catering to the rest of your lawn. Some might shy away from getting artificial grass since it does not look as convincing as the real deal, but if you have ever watched a sports game on TV you will know just how good it looks. Plus with the advancements in recent years, artificial grass looks as convincing as it is ever going to be.


The price might also throw away some enthusiasts looking to spice up their lawns but fact of the matter is that you end up saving much more than you invested in the artificial grass. Leigh residents will find prices to range from install £45-£65 per square metre and since most lawns are about five or less square meters you will not be spending as much as you thought you were going to. Although you might have to take a few precautions before you set up the grass, UV protection is required for the grass and the land where you want the grass to be needs to be easily excavated. Other than that you are good to go to enjoy a lifetime investment.