Artificial Grass FAQ

How much does artificial grass cost?

We usually charge in the range of £15 to £42 per square metre depending on the artificial grass chosen. Our grass is sold based on the face weight, Grass backing polyurethane or latex backed and the brand. Read More >

How much does it cost to have artificial grass installed?

Since to 2010, the popularity of artificial grass in the UK has soared now it has been developed to resemble its natural counterpart. Nowadays, the cost of artificial grass depends on various factors such as quality, backing and the process used to install the turf. In this article, we cover the elements that are considered when pricing synthetic turf. Read More >

Is artificial grass fire retardant?

Most artificial grass on the market should be treated with a fire retardant coating, however, it is always important to check with the manufacturers. Although most synthetic grass is fire retardant, it is plastic and therefore susceptible to melting when in close contact with hot objects. It’s therefore advisable to keep BBQs, garden heaters and other hot tools or objects at a safe distance from your artificial grass. Read More >

What’s the best artificial grass for dogs?

It’s recommend using Advanced proflow polyurethane backed grass instead of Latex. Neither the polyurethane products absorb moisture unlike Latex so they will drain more efficiently and effectively. Utilizing crushed granite products for the foundation materials nestled underneath the artificial grass will help in proper drainage of urine and rain. Read More >

Where can I use the grass?

Artificial grass can be for dog runs, putting greens and lawns. We also offer artificial grass for indoor and outdoor sports fields, playgrounds, tennis courts, balconies and patios, retail displays, swimming pool surrounds and more. We also have remnants for sale if you only need a small patch of artificial grass.

How long will Artificial Grass last?

Depending on use and face weight polyurethane backed will last 8 to 25 years. Latex backed 8 to 12 years. Our polyurethane and Latex backed products are also backed by a 8-year warranty. We are the only company that offers a third party insured warranty for polyurethane backed artificial grass.

Which is better – polyurethane or latex backed grass?

Polyurethane backed grass offers a lot of benefits. Latex absorbs liquid, so it’s vulnerable to more extreme weather conditions like freezing temperatures and can retain odours like pet urine. So Latex backed grass is not dog friendly.

How long does it take to lay?

It will take only a day to lay a 20m2 garden.

Can I fit artificial grass myself?

To ensure top-notched quality, it is our recommendation to have our installation teams who are professionally trained do the job of installing our artificial grass. We only use base materials that are engineered to last and use a proper under-drainage systems made from crushed rock and grano dust.

How do I measure my garden?

When taking measurements of your garden, take the longest area across the widest area and then round up the dimensions to the nearest metre. The width should be multiplied by its length to get the required square meterage.

What is the effect of artificial grass to the environment?

Lawn World artificial grass is eco-friendly. It doesn’t need watering or harmful chemicals that seep into the soil like pesticides and fertilizers. It comes with an eco-friendly infill material and can be recycled.