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Lawn World Artificial Grass In Chester, Fake Grass in Chester

At Lawn World we provide artificial grass in Chester, Fake grass in Chester which is ideal for pets. The installation process we use makes it 100% pet friendly and enhances the turf’s lifespan. Here’s how to get a safe lawn for your dog with our 4 Phase Installation System.

1. Base Work

The foundation of your lawn is crucial for having an even and strong surface. For providing a solid base for your lawn, we use materials made from crushed rock and grano. In order to strengthen the edges, we apply 2” x 2” plastic batten. All the materials we use are of premium quality and provides excellent drainage system.

2. K9 Turf Backingartificial grass in chester

For increasing the efficiency of artificial grass, we use K9 Turf ProFLow Urethane Backing. The 4 layers ensure maximum protection and boost the drainage system by 400%. The 4 layers include:

  • 2 dense gauge woven layers
  • 5-pick layer
  • A urethane compound coating

It is the best solution for keeping your grass dry and clean.

3. K9 Turf Infill

Our K9 Turf ZeoLite Infill is perfect for getting rid of bacteria and pollutants. The infill is sourced from natural substances that make it environmentally friendly. This will pose no threat to the health of your pet. It is perfect for eliminating the unpleasant odour coming from your turf.

4. K9 Turf Enzyme Cleaner

The last phase is focused on eradicating organic waste and bacteria. It will give your artificial grass the clean and bright look you want. The cleaner will do deep into the surface to get rid of ammonia that helps in making the base durable. This will help create a safe environment for your pet, so they can enjoy soft touch of the grass all day long.

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Artificial Grass in Chester, Fake Grass in Chester

The oceanic climate of Chester provides the perfect weather conditions for growing greens in your gardens. There is just something beautiful and soothing when one looks around the city. The mown grass and green lawn is a dream come true for homeowners living in Chester.artificial grass in chester Lately, the trend of artificial grass in Chester has made people indulge their spare time in activities other than lawn maintenance or gardening. The reason lies in the demand of metropolitan society and the busy routine one has to manage. This is where artificial grass comes in handy as it provides a better-looking lawn with minimal upkeep.

Key services by the Lawn World professionals

  • Artificial Grass Lawns
  • Stainless Steel Glass Balustrade
  • Timber Sleepers Installation
  • Artificial Grass for Dogs (100% Pet Friendly)
  • Decking Installation
  • Artificial Grass tennis court
  • Block Paving Installation
  • Indian Stone Installation


Some Frequently Asked Questions about Artificial Grass In Chester

Is Artificial Grass Good for your Dog and other pets?
K9 Turf Artificial grass not only imitates natural grass almost identically but it provides a safe and hygienic way for your pet to play. Artificial grass is not just a low maintenance alternative. Here are all the reasons why you should use K9 Turf artificial grass for dogs:

Easy to clean

The main thing that a lot of pet owners worry about is, how do they clean artificial grass after dogs or other pets do their business on it. Well, you no longer have to worry about that because the artificial grass is permeable which allows you to clean the mess easily. Fake grass or turf can be cleaned with the help of a hose or a disinfectant. Artificial grass cleaning products are also available in the market.

So the question is, should you opt for artificial lawn or not?

The top three things that come to mind when people of artificial grass are:

  1. No wastage of clean water
  2. The elimination of burning gasoline or other chemicals when mowing
  3. No use of fertilizers that damage the soil

artificial grass in chesterArtificial Grass is Nontoxic

The fertilizers or weed killers that are often used in lawn maintenance in highly dangerous for pets. So avoid the danger of pet poisoning by using artificial grass instead.

Usable all year and Pets will love it

As artificial grass is easy to maintain, your pet will be able to play in it all year round. Now you don’t have to keep your pets inside when you want to fertilize, mow or weed your lawn.

Reduced risk of lungworm

Lungworm is a parasitic worm which causes severe diseases in dogs. Slugs and snails can be a nuisance as they eat away plants but they are extremely dangerous to dogs as they act as an intermediate host for the transmission of lungworm. By using artificial grass you will protect your dog and reduce the risk of lungworm infection in your kenine.

What is the Price and Cost of Artificial Grass In Chester

Always be sure to choose a professional company with plenty of experience in installing artificial grass. The installation price usually starts at £30 per meter and the price of of artificial grass varies according to its quality. Prices vary from £9.99 to £60.00

Artificial grass is ideal for both residential and commercial purposes. Putting green grass is most popular with those who love to play golf in their backyard. The synthetic grass will make your lawn look healthy and green all year round.

Artificial Grass in Chester

We are now a Progreen & K9 Turf approved installer of Chester CH postcode area of new polyurethane backing artificial grass. Progreen & k9 Turf Grass has a limited 8 year warranty backed by 3rd party insurer.

Whether you are looking to cover a small area, or looking to redesign your facility, our selection of artificial grass in Chester for schools, nursery schools, Playgrounds, Dogs & Pets, Local Authority, Artificial Putting Greens, Tennis Court, and all sport Athletic Fields.

artificial grass in chesterSynthetic Grass Chester

Lawn World grass is protected from sunlight damage and can cope with varying temperatures and all of our backings are created from sustainable supplies.

Following many years of scientific development, we can provide you with the perfect artificial grass for your pets. Dogs are happy to run, scratch and play without causing any damage. The permeable structure and drainage allows urine to drain away preventing stains and smells.

Artificial Turf Chester

ProGreen artificial grass Chester is manufactured with “thatched fibres” keeping each and every blade standing in a natural position. All of our artificial grass is produced with this leading edge high-tech substance. This allows a soft texture to the lawn whilst providing an overall strength and long-lasting durability. Each fibre of grass is shaped to allow for realistic movement and flexibility.

Artificial Grass Review Chester


From my initial call to arrange a quotation to the installation of the artificial grass this company have been professional throughout every stage of the process.

After looking at their website and seeing the fantastic garden they have already completed I arranged for the company to come and visit my premises to show me samples of their grass range and measure the area I would like the artificial grass to be installed, the salesman was really helpful explaining the full installation process and the benefits I would have from Pro-Green artificial grass.

On the day of my install their fitting team arrived on the time agreed and looked very professional, they discussed with me the fitting notes they had been given from the sales team to ensure everything was to my satisfaction.

During the install there was a problem when a grid was found underneath my grass, this was quickly rectified with the fitters installing the grass around the grid and providing a flap that could be used to access the grid if required.

My premises were kept immaculate throughout the install and the flags surrounding the grass were also jet washed when the garden was finished which enhanced the overall look of the finished job.

The after service was also 5 stars, they explained what little maintenance is required and my third party guarantee gives me piece of mind.

I would defiantly recommend this company to anybody who is thinking about installing artificial grass.

Mrs Gorton