Terms And Conditions – Terms of Use

In this section, we will discuss the most critical terms and conditions terms of use that you must know before you go through the content of the website.

First, we would like to welcome you to Lawn World. Before you start going reading this web page, you should at least have a knowledge of how we operate. Once you decide, you will indicate that you will abide by the terms of use and conditions. Additionally, you agree that you will comply will all applicable laws, and rules that come with it. We are specifically talking about the UK’s export-related laws that pose permissible controls on certain points. In case, you do not disagree to any of these terms, then it is right about time to hold back and close this website.

Note: Our Company reserves the right to make necessary changes in these terms with the passage of time, or as and when required. Therefore, those who want to still use this website should keep this in mind at all times. This will eventually mean that you not only accept the agreement right now, but you will also agree with it in future if it is modified.

All You Need To Know About Content and the Linking Key Points

There is one thing that you need to remember: The content has only been published for general purposes. Our thought leaders always make sure that every bit of information is not only accurate but is also posted within the relevant period. However, the chance of an error cannot be ignored at any cost.

  • This website may or may not be updated on regular bases.
  • The information given can be old and might not contain the most current point.
  • It is advised to confirm the fact and figures mentioned in the article so that once you go for any product, you are sure about everything.
  • When you use the website and services, you agree that you will give authentic, valid, complete, and most importantly latest information about your relevant company’s sale. Not only this, it should prompt by the ‘registration form’, Post a Sale form’, and or contribution form.
  • In case, any data provided by you is not true, incomplete, not up to date, or inauthentic, then our company holds the right to terminate your subscription and or advertisement. We can also reject all our current business and marketing commitments.

You are required to not use the web page or services for following services:

You are not required to publish,s post, email, reproduce, transmit, or even distribute any kind of data, text, music, information, photographs, sound, video, and graphics. These also include messages and other materials along with contribution (collectively content), which is considered harmful, threatening, abusive and unlawful.

What Else?

  • Harassing
  • Defamatory
  • Graphic description or accounts of sexual acts
  • Fraudulent
  • Obscene, vulgar, and Explicit content
  • Libellous
  • Deceptive
  • Aims to invade the Privacy of other people (Stalk)

Most importantly, you are prohibited from sending an email, posting, publishing, reproducing, distributing, or even transmitting content that is intended to harass, victimize, degrade, and or intimidate a single person or a group based on the following:

  1. Religion
  2. Gender
  3. Sexual orientation
  4. Race
  5. Disability
  6. Age
  7. Ethnicity

Aims to harm minors in any way.

You are advised to not act in a manner that might create negative and long-lasting effects on other users’ access and their ability to reach the webpage or other services.

It will not go in your favor if you try to disrupt or interfere with the service. With that said, you should also not interfere with other networks that are in connection with the service. It will not be wise to disobey the requirements, policies, regulations, and or procedures that are also connected to the respective service.

Do not intentionally, or unintentionally regulate violate any state, local, national and international law.

You are further not supposed to impersonate any entity or one single individual, which might not be limited to a Lawn World official, and or false fully state or create any sort of representation of your affiliation with an entity or a person.

It is advised to not engage in any activity that is in contrast with the intentions of the webpage or the services.

Do not try to manipulate, limit, or corrupt the outcome of the services.

Do not attempt to subscribe to any third party without their authorization and or try to register other multiple subscriptions under same or different aliases.

You should also refrain from forging headers or any intention to manipulate identifiers to form a disguise the center/origin of any content whatsoever.

This content also mainly includes the content that has been transmitted through the webpage.

If you do not possess the right, then you do not have to publish, email, upload, post, distribute, transmit, and reproduce any content. Law or any kind of under contractual relationships do not require you to do such acts.

These also include fiduciary relationships: this is the proprietary, inside or confidential information that has been disclosed or has been acquired through non-disclosure agreements or during the time of employment.

Other Pivotal Considerations related to Publishing, reproducing, uploading, emailing, distributing, and transmitting the content as follows:

Any unauthorized or unsolicited promotional or advertising material that includes junk mail, spam, chain letter, any form of solicitation or schemes.

Any material that contains viruses, computer codes, programs or files that are meant to destruct and interrupt the core functionality of the computer software, hardware, and other telecommunication equipment. This also includes all suspicious activity that is meant to intercept and expropriate the data, system and hacks sensitive information.


Agreements and Acknowledgements

  1. By looking at these terms, you agree that you will never collect, or store information about all the users of this website. It involves the content posted by others and the information that is found to be irrelevant with the purpose of the rest of webpage. It will also not go well if you try to transmit or facilitate information with unsolicited bulk, communication, or electronic mail.
  2. That being said, you acknowledge that Lawn World is, by any means, not liable for any material submitted to our webpage by our users.
  3. We do not monitor, pre-screen, review, and or edit the content that is being produced by websites. Conversely, we, along with our designers possess the right to remove the content that is considered inappropriate, inaccurate, and or undesirable.
  4. We are also not responsible for any sort of non-failure, failure and or delay in the removal of the respective content.
  5. As a user, you will remain responsible for the copyright compliance, decency, negative, and accuracy of the content.
  6. You also acknowledge that you will inform our company if you notice any unauthorized use of the service in closing the breach of security that is done by external personnel.

Most importantly, you have to agree that Lawn World can preserve content and has the right to disclose the content if considered right by the law.

  1. To fully comply with legal process.
  2. To implement the terms of use.
  3. To respond to claims and or allegations that the content violates the rights and values of other parties.
  4. To secure and protect the property and rights of Lawn World users.

Terms And Conditions – Copyrighted Material and Trademarks

  1. Before we proceed, there is one thing that you need to know: This website is accessible to everyone. Our company, by no means, intends to give up anyone’s right to access the materials of this webpage.
  2. All the materials present are the property of Lawn World/ our licensors, which are protected by trademark, copyright or intellectual property laws. This does not include the limited licenses that are granted to the reader in this particular agreement.
  3. You can print and display the information given on the webpage. However, you are not allowed to modify the content without the owner’s permission.
  4. You are not required to distribute the copies of any material that has been found on the page, and this includes every electronic means. Unless you have been granted permission, this information is off limits for copying purposes.
  5. All the logos trademarks shown on the website are the registered and unregistered trademarks of Lawn World. You are not required to use anything without the written permission of our company’s issuing party, and from the third party as well.
  6. This is understood that every reading content is copyrighted material and must never be used unless you can have written permission.
  7. Lawn World will never issue warrants and will allow you to use the material that has been displayed on the website.

A Disclaimer: Warranties and Liabilities

  1. As of now, we have not established any representations or warranties that confirm the accuracy of the content that has been published on the website. Therefore, your use of the website and the browsing is solely on your own.
  2. Our company, including the third-party ventures, that are involved in the delivering, creating producing the site are not liable to any sort of incidental, direct, indirect, consequential damages that have been rose after your access or even use of the website.
  3. As mentioned above, without limiting the foregoing, all the content published on the website has been provided to you ‘in its complete form’. There is no warranty issued to any of this content, which is either implied or merely expressed included but not limited to, and the implied warranties of merchantability, specifically for a certain objective.
  4. You have to keep in mind that there may be some regions where the exclusion of the implied warranties might not be allowed at any cost. Therefore, some of the specific exclusions that are mentioned are not applied to you, in any case, whatsoever.
  5. Our company also takes no responsibility and is not liable for any destruction/damage caused to your equipment or personal property due to an external malware. All this can happen due to your access to the website, which also involves the downloading of the data, material, video, audio, and or images from the webpage.

Disclosure: Submissions and Postings

  1. We value our customer’s feedback about our website and specifically about the quality of our services and products. Considering this, you are completely responsible for that material, content, and information that you upload, post, publish, and submit on our webpage.
  2. Once you decide to fully utilize the website, you acknowledge that you will not publish, post or upload, and transmit any material that contains abusive, defamatory, absence, threatening, and or illegal content. This also includes the content the has the potential to infringe others access to reach the data presented on the said website. You should also refrain from posting or outsizing the material that clearly infringes the rights of other people who visit the website.
  3. Here, at Lawn world, we possess the right to deny/ reject anyone’s access to the website after they have violated our terms of agreements.
  4. With that said, we also have the right to delete, move, edit and even monitor any postings, publishing or submissions that are regarded inappropriate legally or otherwise.
  5. We fully comply with all requirements that have been deemed necessary by the law particularly in cases of disclosure or posting of the submissions.
  6. We also hold the right to disclose data to law enforcement agencies and third parties that have made a civil request.

Regarding Communications

If you send any sort of information to Lawn World, it will be submitted under the non-confidential bases contract. After which, it will later become the property of our company and we can use these materials to edit, publish, upload, disclose, and distribute to whoever we can and for any purpose whatsoever. Here, an important thing to note is that we will never be liable for such information.

To give you some idea, here are some examples:

  • Conceptions
  • Inventions
  • Ideas
  • Names
  • Techniques



Important Note

All the claims that are related to the usage of this website and all the materials that have been mentioned are governed by the state. We, as a company, respect the privacy of our visitors from the globe. For any further information regarding this website, you should review our privacy policy.