Can a dog dig up artificial grass?

Can a dog dig up artificial grass? If installed professionally with a very specific fitting process, dogs can’t dig up artificial grass. However, if you install the grass yourself without laying the necessary foundations to hold the grass in place, it would be possible for a dog to dig it up.

At Lawn World, we use a specially designed 4 phase install system which enhances the lifespan of your grass. The system also prevents your furry friends from digging away at the edges and bringing the turf up.


Can a dog dig up artificial grassThe first step of our process strengthens the lawn by laying a solid foundation of materials including grano and rock. Then, to secure the edges, we use a 2”x2” plastic batten. This reinforces the lawn and improves its overall strength.


The next stage is all about drainage, a crucial part to laying artificial grass. We use K9 Turf ProFlow Urethane Backing which not only enhances the drainage by 400% but eradicates the problems perforated backings present. This backing ensures the grass can stays dry and clean.


The third stage of our process is designed to eliminate any toxic materials. By applying K9 Turf ZeoLite Infill we ensure there is no toxic material left in the synthetic grass. The infill is made using natural substances that will hold the toxic gases until it rains. The sodium ion in the rainwater then releases the gases.


Finally, we make sure the grass is safe for your pets to play. Our K9 Turf Enzyme Cleaner eliminates bacteria, ammonia, waste matter and unpleasant odours. This cleaner also helps to improve durability of the base.


By using this 4 phase system, we ensure that your grass will stay firmly in place and prevent your pets from trying to dig away at the edges. The system also provides a safe and clean environment for your family and pets to use without the risk of bad smells and toxic chemicals building up.

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