Best Artificial Grass For Dogs, Fake Grass For Dogs

Are you in search for artificial grass for dogs that is pet-friendly? If you’re a pet owner, you’ll know how important it is to have a place outside for them to play and exercise.

As it takes a lot of time and effort to grow and maintain a natural lawn, you may be worried about the damage pets can make over time. Furthermore, the maintenance of your lawn is a never-ending task. You have to water the grass, cut the weed, and mow the lawn. All of this requires you to dedicate your time, which is not possible because of your busy schedule. The real grass can be home for many diseases and infects that can be dangerous for your pet.

For this reason, homeowners are moving towards the artificial grass for dogs, Fake grass for dogs and artificial turf for dogs . They do require maintenance, but it is lesser than real grass. There are many synthetic kinds of grass, but not all of them are ideal for pets. We have talked about the K9 turf artificial grass that is safe and durable for pets.

Read on to know more about K9 Turf artificial grass.

K9 Turf Urethane ProFlow Backing

The ProFlow Backing is a technology that helps in improving the drainage system of the turf. It is designed for improving the efficiency of the artificial fake grass for dogsgrass. The grass will not hold the moisture thanks to this backing. You can rest assured that there will be no bad odour.  The Urethane backing features 4 layers, a 5-pick layer, 2 woven layers, and a urethane compound coating. This helps in cleaning and drying the turf quickly. Read More >

K9 Turf Enzyme Cleaner

The maintenance of the grass is easy with the enzyme cleaner. The artificial grass needs an external help that  will make sure the turf is clean. It is crucial to clean the grass regularly as it leads to foul smell and several diseases. The K9 turf artificial grass for dogs boasts an enzyme cleaner that artificial grass for dogshas bacterial enriched synthetic material. The cleaner will penetrate deep into the surface and degrade the organic waste until it is eradicated. Furthermore, your pet’s urine contains ammonia that is absorbed into the surface. This produces bacteria and the unpleasant smell. This cleaner will also eliminate the unpleasant smell that is caused by your pet’s urine. The cleaner will leave a sweet and pleasant scent for your pets to enjoy. Read More >

K9 Turf Zeolite Infill

Another feature that makes it a good choice for pets is its turf infill. The infill is made from natural and organic materials, making it eco-friendly. The infill will keep the grass cool throughout the day allowing your dog to play all day long. Moreover, it is able to retain the toxic artificial grass for dogsgases and it is released when it rains. The sodium ion in the rainwater gets rid of the toxic chemicals and bacteria. So, it is safe for your pets to play.

Therefore, K9 turf is the best choice for artificial grass for your pets. They will not be exposed to any disease and chemical that will be harmful to their health. It will keep your pets safe while beautifying your space. Read More >

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Reasons For Investing in K9 Turf Artificial Grassfake grass for dogs

Are you wondering why you should invest in an artificial grass? In recent times, plenty of people are getting on artificial grass bandwagon. This is because they don’t have time for taking proper care of their lawn. Artificial grass is good for pets as there is no risk of getting hurt. With so many choices in artificial grass, it gets challenging to pick one. You have to ensure the grass you select is with K9 Turf. There are numerous reasons why you should invest in a K9 Turf artificial grass. In this article, we have listed some compelling reasons why you need K9 Turf artificial grass for dogs.

Let’s have a look at the reasons.

Designed For Pets

Artificial grass with K9 Turf is great for dogs because there is no risk of grass damage. The grass is designed with lustre fibres and low sheen that makes it appear natural. The grass soft just like the real grass, the dogs will not be injured when playing on the grass. This K9 Turf fake grass for dogs has no harmful effects, making it safe for your pets. Your dogs can play all day long on this artificial grass.

No Bad Odour

You don’t have to worry about the unpleasant smell coming from the grass. The turf features a premium enzyme cleaner & K9 Turf zeolite infill that will eradicate any kind of odour from the grass.

Unique 4-Phase Install System

Another reason for investing in a K9 turf artificial grass for dogs is that it has a special 4-phase install system. Every phase of the system has different features and purpose. This makes it an ideal grass for pets. The stages are:

  • Base work
  • Spread the K9 Turf Infill
  • Use K9 Turf Enzyme Cleaner
  • K9 Turf ProFlow Urethane Backing

K9 Turf Artificial Grass for Dogs Looks Like Real Grass

With the help of a K9 Turf artificial grass for dogs, you can give your lawn a nice and wonderful look. The grass will not require fake grass for dogsa lot of time and effort for maintenance. You can keep the grass fresh and new with timely maintenance. This artificial grass is perfect for improving the beauty and aesthetics of your garden.

Environmentally Friendly

What makes this grass stand out from the rest is that it is eco-friendly. The artificial grass with K9 Turf artificial grass for dogs doesn’t require any fertilizers. You will not have to use mowers and strimmers; hence, there is no carbon emission. So, this makes K9 Turf artificial grass environmentally friendly.

15 Years Warranty

In K9 Turf artificial grass for dogs, UV inhibitors are mixed with yarn or fibre resin that enhances its durability. This artificial grass comes with 15 year manufacturer’s warranty. In case you experience any problem with the turf, you can contact the manufacturer. The warranty is for problems in the grass and installation.

Therefore, investing in an artificial grass is the right option as it will increase the value of your house. It will eliminate the need for extensive care of the grass. You won’t have to spend time and money on the maintenance of grass for keeping it fresh, lush, and new.

About K9 Turf Artificial Grass for Dogs


Artificial grass for dogs. As a pet owner, you must know how frustrating it could become when your dogs go out to the lawn to play. They simply destroy it! That is when you can depend on K9 Turf 4 phase install system. Whether you are the owner of one dog or many, you can depend on us for good quality artificial grass for dog, which will be able to withstand any amount of wearartificial grass for dogs and tear caused by the claws and paws of your pet, or their wastes. Our artificial grass also helps to eliminate puddles and excessive mud.

Key Points for Artificial Grass for Dogs

  1. Artificial grass backing – It must be polyurethane ‘urethane’ backed grass. (Do not use Latex backing because it absorbs liquid and will retain odours like pet urine. it will also cause small pockets of toxic ammonia)
  2. Proper under-drainage systems – The area needs to be excavated to 3” depth, The area should be covered by a bottom base 20-40mm crushed rock 2” depth and a top base grano dust 1” depth to get a level firm surface. (Do not use sharp sand as a top base is prone to settlement issues and will retain odours like pet urine, it will also cause small pockets of toxic ammonia)
  3. Base edge – The edge around your garden should be concreted in and both the plastic batten and membrane are then fixed into the concrete. (Cementing in of edging to stop worms lifting the sides up will stop your dog getting to the side of grass also keep away from tanalised timber)

artificial grass for dogsWe Ensure best Quality Artificial Grass for Dogs, Fake Grass For Dogs

When it is time to buy artificial grass for your dogs, Fake grass for dogs you must pay special attention to the Backing making sure its polyurethane backed grass and use a Proper under-drainage systems with base edge.

Whether your dog uses the grass to drop its waste, or use it as a playground, a good drainage for synthetic grass must remain dry and clean at all times. As far as the quality of drainage of such grass is concerned, no other quality can beat our K9 Turf artificial grass for Pets. In other words, this means we sell the best quality artificial grass in this particular industry.

No other company knows about artificial grass for dogs fake grass for dogs the way we do at Lawn World. Since we established our company, we remained focused on installing the best quality artificial grass for dog fake grass for dog owners. However, within no time we realized that our job wasn’t just about installing quality “green” for pets, but we noticed how happy dogs are when they get the chance to play on the grass or use it to do their business! Today, we continue to experiment with new ideas to create the ultimate quality artificial grass for your pets.


K9 Turf Becomes “The Preferred Choice” Of Artificial Grass for Dog Ownersartificial grass for dogs

Designed with low sheen (oval shaped) and lustre fibres for a completely natural look, K9 Turf artificial grass for dogs feels soft in one touch

ProFlow Artificial Grass Polyurethane Backing

ProFlow Artificial Grass Polyurethane Backing


K9 Turf Deluxe Turf is the perfect synthetic turf for your four-legged companion! Being dog owner, you must be aware of how frequently your pets run around with their muddy paws, they dig holes, and find the best chance to destroy anything that comes their way. With K9 Turf artificial grass for dogs, you can let your dog’s play around the area without worrying about them damaging your lawn!


In addition to the realistic look and soft feel, the strongest feature of K9 Turf is its backing. Every blade of grass is fully reinforced into a thick polyurethane back coating system, which helps to prevent it from wrinkling when the drainage process works and 0% dog smell.

Find out more about fake grass for dogs ProFlow Artificial Grass Polyurethane Backing


How K9 Turf can Change the Look of your Lawn?fake grass for dogs

Having a lawn at home come with numerous challenges. Although it improves the curb appeal and value of your home, it also requires you to spend hours for its maintenance. While for all those people who are fond of gardening, their lawn is one of their most precious assets. However, for others, it is more like an added responsibility to take care of it. They are required to take time out of their busy schedules for the maintenance of their lawn and make it pests-free.

For people who fall into the latter category, the best option for them is to opt for artificial grass in their lawn. There are numerous benefits of artificial grass. It is a cost-effective option as you are spared from using pesticides and other chemical filled products for the maintenance of lawn.

If you have made up your mind to opt for having artificial grass in your lawn, you need to go for K9 turf. It will make your artificial grass long lasting and enhance the look of your home exterior.

Let’s have a look at how K9 turf artificial grass for dogs can help to change the look of your lawn.

fake grass for dogsNeat And Clean Lawn With K9 Turf Artificial Grass For Dogs

With K9 turf, you will get a neat and clean lawn without much effort. The grass has a powerful enzyme cleaner made from a synthetic material that is bacterial enriched. It takes care of any sort of liquid spills. Moreover, there is no case of a foul smell coming out of your artificial grass because of this enzyme cleaner. It also removes the organic waste from the artificial grass; thus, making it a healthy place to play for your pet dogs and cats.

No More Wet Grass With K9 Turf Artificial Turf For Dogs Fake Grass For Dogs

If you have a pet dog at home, there is an added risk of injury by slipping on the wet grass. Moreover, you may face the problem of fungi affecting your grass if it remains wet for a longer period of time. With k9 turf, you will not have to face any of such issues because of its proflow urethane feature that backs the artificial grass. With this feature, the drainage capacity of your artificial grass can enhance up to 400%. It will help to keep your artificial grass absolutely clean and dry; thus, making it perfect your pets to play on it all day long with minimum risk of injury.

A Pleasant Look with K9 Turf Fake Grass For Dogs

Due to the exceptional features of K9 turf, your lawn will give a pleasant and appealing look. The exterior of your home will improve. Not only it will make for an ideal play area for your pets, you can also spend some calm and relaxing time on your lawn reading your favourite book or listening to your desired music.

To sum it up, K9 turf is ideal for your lawn if you are opting for artificial grass for dogs. It is cost-effective, durable, and improves the value of your home.

Frequently Asked Questions On Artificial Grass For Dogs, Fake Grass For Dogs

Is artificial turf toxic?

Artificial grass as sold is not toxic however there have been reports that lower quality Chinese  turf contains a high percentage of lead. It is therefore important that you always check with the manufacturer to see what the grass contains. Artificial grass can also become toxic if pet urine is not cleaned up effectively. There are plenty of enzyme cleaners available that help prevent the build up of ammonia formed from urine and stop your turf becoming toxic. Read More >

Can you put artificial grass on top of concrete?

If you don’t have any pets then yes you can install artificial grass on concrete as it provides a solid foundation. However, if you’re a dog owner then we would advise that you avoid laying artificial grass on concrete at all costs. This is because the toxic ammonia pockets that form from dog urine will build up underneath the grass and form a layer that is impossible to remove. You’ll therefore be left with a nasty smelling lawn lined with ammonia that is toxic to children and older dogs. Read More >

What type of sand do you lay artificial grass on?

We strongly advise against installing artificial grass on sand, especially if you want long lasting results. As wet weather washes through the grass, sand will dislodge and after 6-12 months will wash away completely. You’ll then be left with an unsecure lawn. Pets are another reason to steer clear of laying artificial grass on sand as it’s near on impossible to clean any urine from it. Enzyme cleaners would help but we would advise a full clean down twice per week. Read More >

How do you lay artificial grass on soil?

Many people believe artificial grass can simply be laid on top of a soil base. However, if you want professional, long lasting results, we would strongly recommend against this application. As soil is not a stable surface, harsh weather conditions can cause the soil to disintegrate and wash through the grass. Not only does this leave the turf unsecured, it is also very difficult to clean. Read More >

Can dogs pee and poop on artificial grass?

It is ok for dogs to poop on artificial grass, it is just important that it is cleaned up straight away. Urine, however, can become toxic on certain types of artificial grass such as latex backed turf. K9 Turf ProFlow Polyurethane backed grass has been especially designed for dogs with an innovative drainage system and urine resistant materials. Read More >

What type of grass is most resistant to dog urine?

K9 Proflow Polyurethane backed grass has been scientifically designed to repel dog urine. The polymers that are used to make up the grass are resilient and durable meaning they don’t absorb pet urine. It also enhances drainage and prevents toxic ammonia pockets from building up. We recommend that this grass is used with K9 Zeolite infill and enzyme cleaners. Read More >

Is artificial turf safe for dogs?

ProFlow Polyurethane backed grass is safest for dogs as the materials it contains repel liquids. This means that dangerous toxins from the ammonia found in dog urine cannot build up. Cheaper versions of artificial grass made with latex are more absorbent and therefore more susceptible to toxic ammonia pockets building up. This is toxic for both children and older dogs. Read More >

Is AstroTurf bad for dogs?

AstroTurf is usually associated with sports pitches and playing fields. For those planning to invest in artificial turf for dogs, we always recommend opting for ProFlow Polyurethane backed grass. This synthetic turf has been designed to be 100% pet friendly and is therefore more resistant to the issues cheaper latex products can have. Read More >

Can a dog dig up artificial grass?

This all depends on how your artificial grass has been installed. If you have it installed professionally by an experienced team then it would be near on impossible for a dog to dig up the grass. However, it could be possible for a dog to pull the grass up if it hasn’t been installed with the necessary measures to keep it in place. Read More >


What is the best grass for dogs?

For pet owners, we always recommend K9 Proflow Polyurethane backed grass. It is made from hypoallergenic materials and durable polymers which repel urine and prevent the build up of toxic ammonia pockets. It also has an innovative drainage system which allows urine to run through freely. We recommend that you use this grass with our four phase system for optimum results. Read More >

How much does it cost for artificial grass?

The cost of artificial grass is measured in face weight, so a thinner latex grass will be cheaper than a thicker, more resilient turf. Top of the range Proflow Polyurethane grass which approximately  £35 per sqm. A medium weight Polyurethane turf can cost between £25 and £35 and for cheaper latex products you can expect to pay between £25 and £5 per sqm. Read More >

How do you clean fake grass? 

The amount you’ll need to clean your grass depends on if you have a dog and the type of synthetic turf you have installed. For example, if you have one dog and a 20 sqm garden with K9 Proflow Polyurethane backed grass, you would need to clean it once per month. Whereas with latex backed grass, it would need to be cleaned every time a dog uses it. Read More >

How much is k9 grass?

Our highest quality K9 Proflow Turf with a Polyeurathane backing is £35 per sqm. Whereas our middle range Turf £25-£35 per sqm. Read More >

How do you take care of artificial grass?

If you don’t have any pets then a simple brush with a stiff brush every 1 to 3 months is sufficient. Always be sure to check your infill to ensure there is still a good amount – this will depend on the amount of footfall your garden has. If you have a dog then we recommend using K9 Zeolite infill and enzyme cleaners for optimum results. Read More >

Can you put artificial grass on decking?

We don’t recommend laying artificial grass on decking due to the condensation that can build up over time. This causes the wood underneath to rot and become a health and safety hazard. If you are planning to lay grass on decking then be sure to use a plastic drainage system which will keep water and mould at bay. Read More >

How easy is it to lay artificial grass?

If you want your lawn to last for up to 20 years then we would strongly recommend hiring a professional installation team. This is because there is a very specific process which must be followed to ensure your lawn stays firmly in place. Read More >

How is the urine and waste handled on polyurethane backed grass?

Our artificial grass system is not so different from the real, natural grass. Urine is washes through the system and will go into the drainage blanket. Or, the fluid can be absorbed by a formulated crushed rock sub-base underneath. Pet waste can be eliminated through using the process you are currently using, but it tends to be less messy with K9 Turf Grass.

Can urine smells remain in the grass?

Urine smells will not remain in K9 Turf artificial grass. However, artificial grass fake grass for dogs can be purchased that is latex backed and this will hold the smell of pet urine. Always check the backing of the grass before you buy. Polyurethane backed grass will not hold urine smell and are supplied in rolls of 4.5m. Latex backed grass comes in 2m or 4m rolls.

Can you get rid of pet odors dog wee in latex grass?

Unfortunately not. The smell of pet urine will remain in latex backed artificial grass and cannot be removed. Latex is not pet friendly as it absorbs the urine and the smell remains. ProGreen K9 Turf is made for dogs and we have been manufacturing and supplying this grass for over 30 years. Our polyurethane backed grass has a Proflow Backing. This allows the urine to drain away leaving no odours.Proflow Backing.

How do you clean artificial grass?

Rain water is usually sufficient. However you can hose your artificial grass with water. If you have dogs and children playing on the grass, it is advisable to use K9 Turf Enzyme Artificial Grass Cleaner

Will my dog think it’s real grass?

Your dog will absolutely love it! Many dogs would avoid cement, pea gravel and sand. Dogs love real grass and equally love K9 Turf. Pet owners feedback suggests that dogs do not know the difference..

Will my dog try to dig a hole through the artificial grass?

Some dogs will attempt to dig a hole wherever they are. Our artificial grass is remarkably sturdy, with a dual-coated backing which makes it extremely difficult for dogs to destroy, yet there are some exceptions. We do suggest the edge around your garden should be concreted in to secure the grass further.

How do you remove dog hair from artificial grass?

Saturate the artificial grass using water. Immediately use a push broom that has hard bristles. Brush the grass against the pile. Grass fibers have a tendency to lean more to one direction than of the other. The hard bristles with gather up the dog hair. Remove dog hair from the brush.