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Lawn World is your ultimate resort for a pleasant-looking lawn throughout the year. With our artificial grass, you will not have to worry about regular maintenance of your lawn. It can last for a longer period of time without the use of expensive supplies. Which otherwise can burn a hole in your pocket. Our artificial grass comes with 8-15 year guarantee and life expectancy of 25 years.

Another extensive feature of our artificial grass is that it is 100% pet-friendly. Its specifically designed for people who have a pet at their home. With artificial grass from Lawn World, there’s no issue of grass getting damaged or wet due to their organic waste.

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If you have a lawn with real grass in your home, there are chances of your pets getting infections that are caused through unclean grass or germs residing in it. With artificial grass from Lawn World, there will be no such issue as it is easier to clean. Furthermore, you will never see those muddy footprints in the interior of your home brought by pet dogs after playing in the lawn if you have artificial grass in your home.

Our artificial grass is flame resistant; thus, absolutely safe for your home. It comes with a free draining feature. Therefore, you will never have the issue of wet grass that has risks of slipping and tripping associated with it. All the liquid spill, rain water, and organic waste will drain easily. You will have a clean and pleasant looking lawn where you can let your dog play for hours without the risk of any injury or damage to the grass.

It is totally lead free. There are no harmful chemicals used for its composition. Hence, pet and eco-friendly. Moreover, it is a cost-efficient option as you are not required to buy costly cleaning supplies and other gardening tools that are required to be used for the maintenance of real grass. With artificial grass from Lawn World, you do not have to use chemical-filled fertilizers as well as they can do more harm than good to your lawn.

The biggest benefit of opting for our artificial grass is that you don’t have to spend hours on the maintenance of your lawn. You can use this time for relaxing or some other productive work. Our artificial grass comes with theK9 turf. It has a 4-phase install system; each phase of this system has a distinct function that makes our artificial grass last for a longer time without losing its shine and mettle.

Give your lawn a new and pleasant look with our artificial grass and add value to the exteriors of your home.