How Much Is K9 Grass?

How Much Is K9 Grass? Depending on the quality you are looking for, K9 artificial grass can vary from £25 to £35 per sqm. The highest quality grass we offer, K9 Proflow Turf, has a Polyurethane backing and is £35 per sqm. Our middle range, K9 Proflow Turf, comes in at £25-£35 per sqm.


How much is k9 grassBoth types of grass are made from durable and resistant polymers, designed to withstand all types of weather conditions. The grass has also been scientifically developed to repel liquids, meaning the lawn drains easily, unlike cheaper types of grass.


Both our middle range and high quality ranges are designed to provide a 100% pet friendly environment. The polymers used to develop the grass resist urine and prevent any toxic buildups. Latex grass, on the other hand, has to be cleaned every time a dog wees on the turf. This is because the particles in latex are absorbent and soak up liquids. Over time, toxic ammonia pockets build up from the chemicals in the urine and let out harmful gases. The gases and chemicals produced can be toxic to small children and pets. This is why it is essential to clean latex grass immediately.


However, by investing more capital up front in K9 K9 Proflow Turf, you can rest assured that your garden will remain a toxin free environment. This is because of its Polyurethane backing which repels urine, allowing it to drain freely through the grass. You will still need to clean your turf with a simple hose down every week – 2 weeks. This will depend on the size of your garden and how many pets you have. When your garden is installed, a member of our team will always advise how best to clean your lawn for optimum results. We also always recommend using K9 Zeolite infill and enzyme cleaners which act as an added barrier against the build up of any pet urine.

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