The Right Way How to Install Artificial Grass

In recent years, artificial grass has risen in popularity. It has different shades and textures that can be fitted to a design that will suit your taste and your budget. It can be an added decoration in front or back of your house. The Right Way How to Install Artificial Grass

Steps for Installing Artificial Grass:

  1. Before doing the installation, asses the area if there is a need to replace the lawn. Also, check the levels of the beds, fens and containing walls. You need to asses it if you want to build or excavate this area.
  2. In removing the lawn, you may either use a handy shovel or a turf cutter
  3. The area needs to be excavated to 3” depth, but it still varies depending on what you require.
  4. The area should be covered by a geo-textile membrane 100g
  5. 2″ x 2″ plastic batten should be installed inside the membrane. The solid frame is posted into the ground at the right interval, within 12-inch paling. By using exterior screws, the stake can be secured. (Do not use Tanalised timber)
  6. The membrane should be wrapped on the plastic batten. That will serve as a ground. By using a heavy staple gun, the membrane can be secured to the plastic batten.
  7. The edge around your garden should be concreted in and both the plastic batten and membrane are then fixed into the concrete. (cementing in of edging to stop worms lifting the sides up)
  8. The area should be covered by a 20-40mm crushed rock 2” depth
  9. The crushed rocks which you have put in the surface must be stable.
  10. The area should be covered by grano dust 1” depth to get a level firm surface
  11. Now, the turf should be laid out over it.
  12. The turf must be trimmed neatly and set in place. Roll it out and mark the area that should be cut. Carefully fold the latex or polyurethane backing and cut the marked line through a sharp knife. Fold the turf until you finish the edge.
  13. Seams are needed for bonding. You need join the 2 pieces of turf from the area. At the back of the turf, carefully cut the rib. Repeat the procedure by using a sharp knife.
  14. Bond and tape the seams. Both pieces of turf should be folded. Astro Pro Bond It should be applied to the tape and by using a trowel, spread it out. Wearing gloves is advisable to safely complete this step. Make sure the ribs will not overlap. The gap between them must be wider.
  15. Roll the joint and make sure that the latex or polyurethane backing is in full contact with the adhesive.
  16. Screw the turf to the top of the plastic batten at appropriate intervals using tapper screws. If required, trim off the excess with scissors for it to look better.
  17. Spread the dried sand.
  18. Brush the sand into the pile through the use of a stiff brush or a power brush. Your artificial lawn is now completed! You can now enjoy a safer, more comfortable and softer surface.