Lawn World Artificial Grass in Warrington, Fake Grass in Warrington

As providers of Artificial Grass in Warrington, Fake grass in Warrington (K9 Turf), we pride ourselves on our pioneering methods when it comes to preparing artificial grass for dogs. The Installation system we offer helps to guarantee longevity and durability of the grass.artificial grass in warrington

We have included below everything you need to know about the K9 Turf 4 Phase Install System.

1. Base Work

The first and most important phase is base work. During this phase, we preferably utilize a 2″ x 2″ plastic batten and it is carefully inserted along the edges. Our proficient engineers use the top base materials from a whole lot. Other than that, we manufacture the drainage system solely from crushed grano and rocks. A Proper drainage system like this is meant to function for the long term.

2. K9 Turf Proflow Urethane Backing Artificial Grass

In order to tackle all the perforated backing, we use four different kinds of layers. The presence of these layers also significantly improves the drainage system, increasing its efficiency by 400 percent. Rest assured, even with pets around, all funny odors will quickly disappear.

Due to the proflow backing, the grass not only becomes drier but remains evergreen as well.

3. K9 Turf Infill

In this phase, our experts work on installing all the k9 Turf infill. The basic aim of this infill is to cool down the surface so that the pets can play as long as they can. It helps to suck all the toxic gases into itself. It further keeps it intact until the sodium ion discharges the magnetivity.

4. K9 Turf Enzyme Cleaner

In this last phase, we make use of the enzyme cleaner to control all the toxic ammonia. This synthetic turf cleaner also acts an organic waste degrader.

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Artificial Grass in Warrington, Fake Grass in Warrington

Warrington is a little town whose residents, the Warringtonians, have prided themselves on the nature surrounding their little town. The tourism industry draws many tourists here every year and appearances are everything. However, keeping a garden, a lawn or a golf course green for the whole year can be quite tricky.

Artificial grass is now used everywhere, having become a very convenient and reliable alternative for private owners, as well as those that own playgrounds, golf courses, public pools and all types of sports fields. The advantages the artificial turf presents nowadays are too good to be ignored. Lawn World artificial grass in Warringtonartificial grass in warrington

Key services by the Lawn World professionals

A positive impact on the environment

The Lawn World artificial grass in Warrington, Fake grass in Warrington local business can truly make a difference when it comes to the environment. Think of all the pollution maintaining regular grass creates: mowing the grass and then adding fertilizers every spring or more often to keep it growing, while also adding pesticides to kill the unwanted weeds and snails and other insects. Artificial grass does not require any of the above, as the grass blades are made out of plastic and they do not attract insects, while weeds are unable to grow in the carpet like artificial grass.

artificial grass in warringtonArtificial grass for dogs in Warrington

A natural lawn, on top of the high maintenance costs, is also difficult to clean if your dog enjoys digging holes. However, if you choose artificial grass for dogs for your lawn, you will find the cleaning process to be much easier. Since the artificial grass acts like a carpet, there is no way for your dog to dig up holes, which once again sustains the idea that artificial grass in Warrington requires much less maintenance than the normal grass. K9 Turf 4 phase system artificial grass designed for dogs

Artificial grass putting greens

The artificial grass putting greens are a great alternative to the traditional turfs used on golf courses. Artificial turfs can be used throughout the year regardless of the weather or of the climate. This is important, considering the rainy climate of Warrington. The artificial turfs in Warrington are also low maintenance and eco friendly, due to the little things they require you to do. No watering, no fertilizers added and no chemical substances added in the soil – all of these make the artificial lawns and turfs a great alternative to the traditional grass.

  • Low maintenance
  • No watering
  • Better for environment
  • Durability with visual appeal
  • Ideal for areas of heavy usage
  • All year round green
  • Very effective where natural grass is not a practical option
  • Sustainable in all types of weatherfake grass in warrington

ProGreen Artificial Grass in Warrington

ProGreen has been in the synthetic grass industry since 1987
The company is a USA based manufacturer of synthetic and is proud to supply Lawn World with high-quality long-lasting and durable artificial grass. It is now installed in a variety of outdoor environments from school playgrounds to large putting greens. We are able to provide and install low maintenance high-quality artificial grass.

We have many years of experience in researching the best materials to provide us with the best product. The feedback we receive from our customers suggests our knowledge, experience and quality product is the reason they choose us. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service. We listen to our customers and we are able to advise on the best products for their requirements.

Due to the manufacturing process of ProGreen our artificial grass is extremely hard wearing, is able to deal with all weather conditions and has no fading. Many dog kennels and dog owners have installed progreen grass as dog runs. Our customers tell us that the progreen dog runs are easy to clean do not hold smells and due to the fantastic drainage underneath the artificial grass, fluids are easily drained away. Dogs and other pets are happy to run and play on ProGreen synthetic grass.