Can you put artificial grass on decking?

When asked, Can you put artificial grass on decking? our answer is usually no. Plenty of people think that laying artificial grass on decking is a great way of giving it a new lease of life. When the wood looks tired, it could seem like a good idea to invest in synthetic turf and create a brand new area.


However, we advise against this as the application can create a serious hazard. If simply laid on top of the decking, the grass will have no drainage system. Therefore any excess liquids will soak into the wood causing it to rot. Over time, the decking will warp and potentially crumble. This is where the health and safety issue lies.

Can you put artificial grass on decking with Dogs?

If you’re a pet owner, then putting artificial grass on decking is definitely not recommended. With no drainage, urine will sink into the wood and leave you with a really unpleasant smelling garden. Ammonia in the urine can also transform into toxic pockets over time posing as a serious health threat to small children and pets.


Where installation is concerned, we always recommend using our 4 phase system. If you are looking to replace old decking then we would advise removing it completely and laying the artificial grass on stronger foundations. Although there will be a higher upfront cost with this method, the lifespan of your artificial grass will be far longer. Our 4 phase installation system also takes every aspect into consideration from the initial excavation and foundations to the drainage and final enzyme cleaners.


Using this method, you will therefore be left with a garden that is build to last. Therefore, to answer the question ‘can you put artificial grass on decking’ we would say no. We far prefer our customers to be left with gardens that are secure and pose no health and safety issues so stay clear of installing artificial grass on decking.

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