Can dogs pee and poop on artificial grass?

Can dogs pee and poop on artificial grass, it just has to be cleaned up as soon as possible by simply removing it and hosing down the area. When it comes to urine, it really depends on the type of grass you have. If you have installed a cheaper, latex backed grass then dog urine can really cause some damage. The urine crystallizes on the grass and forms toxic ammonia pockets which are harmful to children and older dogs. However, K9 Turf ProFlow Polyurethane backed grass has been especially designed for dogs with an innovative drainage system and urine resistant materials.


If you have dogs then it really is worth investing in Polyurethane grass to protect you and your pets. Although latex backed grass is a cheaper alternative, it is not pet friendly and can become highly toxic over time.What type of grass is most resistant to dog urine

Toxic ammonia pockets

For those that have latex artificial turf, it is essential to clean the grass every time a dog wees as over time, toxic ammonia pockets will build up if the urine is left. This is because the materials used to make latex grass are absorbent, meaning nasty smells and chemicals linger and fail to drain away. Such smells and chemicals cause real damage to the environment and can have a detrimental effect on the air pets breath.

ProFlow polyurethane backed grass

To avoid any long lasting issues with your synthetic turf, it is always advisable to invest in Polyurethane backed grass, particularly when you have dogs. It’s easy to clean, thanks to the non absorbent materials it is made with. There is therefore no risk of harmful toxins building up. We always recommend that our K9 Turf ProFlow Polyurethane backed grass is used in conjunction with the K9 Zeolite infill and enzyme cleaners for best results. This cleaning and maintenance method will ensure your grass remains odour and toxin free.

4 phase installation system

Another step you can take to ensure your artificial turf remains resistant to pet waste is to invest in good foundations. At Lawn World, we use a 4 phase installation system which has been scientifically proven to enhance drainage and boost the lifespan of your lawn.


Our experienced installation team begin with a full excavation of the garden, removing any debris and flattening the landscape. Crushed rock and grano is then spread over the surface which not only acts as a solid foundation but also enables excess liquids to drain through – unlinke concrete or sand.


The team then install 2”x2” plastic battens around the perimeter of the garden which hold the turf firmly in place. The grass backing is then installed and consists of four separate layers which all help to enhance drainage.


Finally, the team use an organic infill called ZeoLite which helps to absorb any pet urine, preventing it from sinking into the turf.

By taking the above precautions, you’ll help to ensure that your grass can cope with any pet waste. Excellent drainage, regular cleaning and ZeoLite infill will all help to ensure that your artificial turf remains 100% pet friendly


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