Artificial grass is a great way to make your outdoors look beautiful. Whether you own pets or don’t have the time to spend hours grooming your lawn, our products will solve your garden problems once and for all.

Our products

Our main aim is to provide a fresh environment in the outdoors of our clients’ properties. We do this while keeping the factor of pets in mind. Therefore, all 5 of our products are designed to match these requirements. All our products are completely non-toxic for pets, they are perfectly suited for pet-owners and they offer a long-lasting effect in the outdoors. The strength and durability of our products allow us to offer up to 8 years warranty on each product. We offer all products required for a long-lasting installation of the artificial grass. To make grass installation easy and odor-free, we offer the following five products.

K9 Turf 22.5 kg

This infill is one of the many products we use in order to minimize dog odor and release of ammonia. This product is made up entirely of natural products. When used along with our cleaner, it removes all odors from the artificial grass.

K9 Turf 25 kg

This bag comes with 25kg of ZeoLite Infill Artificial Grass to control dog odors and toxic ammonia. It is used as one of the materials in the 4 layers of the base before the artificial grass is laid on. The pet-friendly, as well as eco-friendly, infill helps improve the drainage mechanism of the artificial grass. It is a one-time use product. This means you can rid your outdoors of bad smell by just one application!

K9 Turf Artificial Grass Cleaner

We have designed this product for use over a 28-days’ time period. It eliminates the presence of any uric acid or Ammonia that may be present in your grass. After the complete use of the product, you will see that your artificial grass garden smells very fresh and nothing like dog urine!

K9 Turf Enzyme Artificial Grass Cleaner

This enzyme-based cleaner is also made for the elimination of uric acid, ammonia, and bad smells. It is made with natural ingredients that are non-toxic for pets and eco-friendly too. This product can be used on concrete surfaces as well. It is pretty user-friendly. By removing all bacteria and germs, this cleaner makes your grass good as new!

Artificial Grass pegs

Artificial grass backings have the tendency to shrink sometimes. This can expose the bare surface underneath. For this reason, we have introduced metallic U-shaped pins. These pegs are half white and half green. The white part digs into the ground. The green part comes in three different shades so that you can opt for the exact one that matches your artificial grass color. Dark green, medium green, and light green options are available. They come in two sizes; 150mm x 30mm x 4mm and 150mm x 30mm x 3mm. The pegs themselves are very long-lasting since they are made of steel that has anti-corrosion properties.

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