How much does it cost to have artificial grass installed?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get at Lawn World is ‘how much does it cost to have artificial grass installed?’ The price of artificial grass has changed over the years as it has come a long way since it was first developed. When it was first invented in the 1960s, it consisted of coarse, abrasive materials that were uncomfortable underfoot. The grass also looked far from natural, meaning it was never used in gardens.

However, synthetic grass grew in popularity in the 1990s as a maintenance free alternative to natural grass. The manufacturing process was therefore enhanced and synthetic turf began to look and feel like natural grass. Since to 2010, the popularity of artificial grass in the UK has soared now it has been developed to resemble its natural counterpart.

Nowadays, the cost of artificial grass depends on various factors such as quality, backing and the process used to install the turf. In this article, we cover the elements that are considered when pricing synthetic turf.

So, how much does it cost to have artificial grass installed?

Installation Process

The installation process of an artificial grass consists of three elements:

  • Grass
  • Base work
  • Labour

The quality of each aspect impacts on the overall cost of artificial grass. Choosing a provider that is trustworthy, reputable, and reliable is therefore key to ensuring you get the best possible result for the price you pay.How much does it cost to have artificial grass installed

Artificial Grass

There are different types of artificial grass that vary in quality depending on their origin and the materials used in the manufacturing process. For example, most artificial grass that is made in china has a black latex rubber backing. The inexpensive backing is prone to degrading quickly and absorbing your pet’s urine. This is where the bad odours come from.

This type of artificial grass is cheaper because of its latex backing and is available from £4.99 per meter. However, if you want a higher quality, durable grass that will leave your garden odour free then polyurethane backed grass is best which comes in at £35 per meter.

If you want to invest in premium quality grass, you will need to budget for around £30 per meter. This will ensure your grass is latex free and immune to the build up of toxins and bad odours.

It is therefore not cheap to invest in a high quality artificial grass, however, once installed it will last far longer than a cheaper alternative. If you’re looking for a long term investment that we advise opting for a polyurethane backed artificial grass like K9 Turf.How much does it cost to have artificial grass installed

The Foundation

Having a strong and solid foundation is essential when installing artificial grass. Experts firstly lift the turf to form a thin layered base. Then, the ground is leveled using sand and grass which is an easy way to install the grass. However, this method is only suitable if you don’t have children or pets. Landscapers will charge around £15-£20 for sand base installation but most of them do not provide a warranty.

However, this is not the way we install the synthetic grass. When asked ‘how much does it cost to have artificial grass installed?’ we are honest and upfront about the comprehensive installation system that our team use. The process ensures your grass has a far longer lifespan than turf laid using sand.

The process we use incorporates enzyme cleaners and infill which protect your lawn and increase its longevity. We also install sleepers and composting timber that reinforce the lawn and keep it firmly in place. At Lawn World, our 4 phase installation system on a 30 meter space, for example, will cost approximately £900.


Another factor that is included in the cost of artificial grass is labour. At Lawn World, we employ an expert team team to install every garden to ensure your turf is fitted to an excellent standard.

Therefore, when assessing the cost of installing an artificial grass it is important to think about each factor. If you want a well fitted, high quality turf that is built to last then you will have to make a higher initial investment. However, over time you will make that investment back with little to no maintenance costs.

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