Can you put artificial grass on top of concrete?

A common question we get asked at Lawn World is can you put artificial grass on top of concrete? As concrete provides a solid foundation, it is possible but only if you don’t have pets. The issue with using concrete is that it’s completely solid so provides no drainage. Therefore, pet urine is absorbed under the grass base and over time, turns into toxic ammonia pockets. The layer that forms is then near on impossible to remove and lets off toxic gases which are dangerous to pets and small children.

4 Phase installation system

At Lawn World, we therefore advise that pet owners stay away from concrete. Instead, we recommend they opt for our 4 phase installation system which helps to prevent the build up of nasty odours and toxic gases. Our comprehensive system begins with a complete excavation which prepares your garden for the foundations. The foundations that we they lay consist of crushed rock and grano which are perfect for allowing liquids to drain.Can you put artificial grass on top of concrete

Preventing the buildup of toxic ammonia pockets

A 2” x 2” batten is then installed at the edges of your garden which holds the grass firmly in place.  We then lay a K9 Turf ProFLow Urethane backing which boosts the drainage system by 400%. The backing consists of four layers including two dense gauge woven layers
A 5-pick layer, and a urethane compound coating. This sophisticated system helps to repel pet urine and any excess liquids, preventing the buildup of toxic ammonia pockets.

K9 Turf ZeoLite Infill

After the foundations and backing have been installed, we lay K9 Turf ZeoLite Infill which is made from natural substances making it environmentally friendly. The infill is used to prevent the buildup of bacteria and helps eliminate any nasty odours. For the final phase, we use enzyme cleaners to completely eradicate any waste or bacteria. The enzymes also create a safe environment for your pets.

We advise against the application, especially when pets are involved

However, if you are not a pet owner, then laying artificial grass on concrete is possible. Some people opt for this application to brighten up dull looking landscapes or tired pathways that need some colour. It is important to note, however, that not all concrete is suitable and artificial grass cannot be used to cover up botched surfaces.


Therefore, if your concrete surface has large cracks and crevices running through it, we would never advise covering it with artificial grass. Furthermore, if the concrete is uneven or prone to flooding, again we would strongly advise against installing synthetic turf as it will not solve these issues. Puddles will continue to gather on the grass and any uneven sections will show through.


It is therefore key, if you are planning to install artificial grass on concrete, that you ensure the surface is 100% prepared. You’ll need to consider drainage and any lumps or uneven areas that will be visible once the grass is installed.


So, when answering the question ‘can you put artificial grass on concrete?’, we advise against the application, especially when pets are involved. However, it is possible, you just have to be certain that the surface is levelled and has good drainage.

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