Lawn World Artificial Grass in Frodsham, Fake Grass in Frodsham

At Lawn World, we supply artificial grass in Frodsham that is 100% pet friendly. Using a 4 phase installation system, we ensure your lawn is fitted to an excellent standard and built to last.

If you want to a healthy lawn that’s green all year round, then K9 turf artificial grass is the ideal option for you. This synthetic turf will eliminate all the hassles that come with the real grass such as cleanliness and maintenance. Furthermore, you’ll no longer need to spend a fortune on fertilisers, cleaning supplies, and other gardening tools.

It is a known and widely accepted fact that K9 turf artificial grass is durable and much more weather resistant than natural grass. This is due to the effective 4-phase install system that enhances its functionality and durability. Artificial Grass in Frodsham

A Strong Foundation due to Base Work

A solid foundation is laid using quality materials such as rock and grano. Then, a plastic batten is installed to provide enhanced strength and sturdiness. These features also help to provide an effective drainage system of the turf.

A Four Layer Proflow Urethane Backing

A four layer proflow urethane backing is used instead of a perforated backing. This includes 2 dense gauge woven layers, a 5 pick layer, and urethane coating. Once this backing is installed, air is pumped into it. Thus, water and other particles can freely travel through the turf.

Infill Composed of Natural Substances

One of the best parts of this system is its infill that contains so hazardous material. Therefore, it is considered to be absolutely safe for pets and human. This infill helps to give a fresh and pleasant look no matter which season it is.

Enzyme Cleaner for Neat & Clean Turf

A neat and clean turf enhances the value of your exteriors and this is exactly what enzyme cleaner offers. It eliminates organic waste and liquid spills form the turf. Moreover, there is no issue of unpleasant smell from the turf.Artificial Grass in Frodsham

Artificial Grass in Frodsham, Fake Grass in Frodsham

Though not as populous as many other towns in the United Kingdom, Frodsham residents know how to spice up their lives and style up their lives. One way Frodsham residents are doing this is by completely turning up their lawns on their heads and remodeling them. Artificial grass has taken the leading role in this growing trend of lawn remodels and the Frodsham people could not have chosen a better medium for their lawns.

Artificial grass or sometimes known as synthetic grass is a substitute for the normal grass you have in your lawns and parks. A lot of city councils will replace normal grass for artificial grass the reason being that in the long run it looks more beautiful, saves them money on maintenance and creates a safer environment for residents, especially children to play in. And this trend has extended itself into the homes of many, to make their homes look more appealing with the evergreen pastures right in their front lawns.

Looks more appealing

Normal grass does not maintain a constant vibrant green color through a pasture, you have a bit of brown a bit of dead grass etc. This can really put a dent on the overall look you are trying to achieve. Now with artificial grass, you have a constant vibrant green all year round though you will need to get UV protection for it since the color might fade if it gets direct sunlight.

Cost Efficient

If you’re looking to save, what better way than to cut out expensive gardening costs? Investing in artificial grass means you’ll have one upfront payment and no future lawn upkeep expenses. This will involve picking out a quality and quantity of the artificial grass which suits your budget which will eventually end up on your lawn.

Great for Pet play

Artificial grass is a great and soft surface that is great for pets. You can rest assured that your pet will not shy away from the grass and have a clean, safe and enjoyable fun time.

The installation will have your lawn be dug up a few inches to lay down a base. After this the grass is laid on top of this base and is ready for decoration. This base and grass have a permeable base so that water does not accumulate on it. You will not be getting any critters in your garden anymore since the soil is all packed up underneath. This also ensures a clean garden since you have no mud for it to get dirty.

All in all the artificial grass trend in Frodsham is booming- with great reason as well, the residents are having their lawns look almost fairy-tale like with the artificial grass