Artificial Grass for Schools and Nurseries Playground Surfaces

Artificial Grass for Schools and Nurseries Playground Surfaces 2We do understand the security is the number one priority that should be taken into account when it comes to installing a structure or artificial grass for schools and nurseries playground surfaces for children. Injuries and also accidents are two typical occurrences with active and playful kids. Yet you could make the best decision to help in minimizing the possibility for them to get hurt. This therefore involves the use of artificial turf as a great surface material for playgrounds.

Artificial Grass is the non-abrasive and soft material which would limit skinned knees, broken bones and bruises. We offer a selection of foam pads which are installed under the artificial turf to give an extra layer of cushioning. This will prevent injury to kids in case of falls.

Playground Extreme

ProGreen Playground Extreme Monofilament Artificial Grass High Footfall


ProGreen synthetic grass is 100% a USA product. It is also thoroughly free from lead and some other materials. Our playground surfacing materials have met and exceeded the ATSM fall height requisites. In terms of playground surfacing materials, ProGreen synthetic grass is definitely the best material you should choose.

Aside from that, our synthetic grass increases playtime. With no risk of moist grass, puddles and mud, outdoor playtime and recess wouldn’t come postponed because of a rainstorm. The water drainage system from ProGree is extremely efficient that the turfs ready to use nearly right away after the rainfall.

ProGreen Playground Monofilament Artificial Grass

ProGreen Playground Monofilament Artificial Grass


For the last one, we could help in creating an atmosphere which promotes creativity through using colored turf. We provide completely customized options, which mean we could accommodate whatever design you want to create. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today to learn more regarding our playground surfacing choices.

The Top Quality Synthetic Turf for Playgrounds


The idea of artificial turf installation is great for people who live in regions where the climate is unpredictable. This grass presents many advantages that are otherwise impossible with real grass. For many people, it saves effort, time and a significant amount of money. Among many companies, Lawn World has gained a reputation in the respective field. Based on our experience, We have facilitated many clients who belong to different backgrounds. Our proficient experts have also fixed artificial turfs in many playgrounds. We take into consideration the safety of kids as our first priority and therefore, we have manufactured top quality turf for many nurseries, schools, and houses.

Our artificial grass will not become discolored under the sun

  • Our products come with a manufacturer’s warranty from eight years.
  • Our grass has been able to efficiently provide safety against tumble, rolls random This is the reason why it has been widely recommended to be used in high traffic areas.
  • We offer cost-effective All you need to do is make a one-time investment and save money along the way.
  • We use a padded base in the initial stages. The presence of this base ensures quick drainage. We assure you that even during heavy rains; the area will absorb the moisture. This way, it remains dry and can be used for 8 years.
  • The presence of a non-rubber infill is in place to ensure that the black rubber pieces cannot drag in the kid’s hair or clothes.
  • Here, an important thing to note is that our grass contains a number of infills in order to comply with the ATSM fall height standards.
  • Our artificial grass will not become discolored under the sun. The reason is that we use UV additives that are carefully mixed with the yarn resins.

The Marvels of Foam Pads

  • We pay special attention to the base layers; therefore, we have utilized different kinds of foam pads.
  • Our foam pads can be used as a replacement for the crushed stone base.
  • Our pads are manufactured from 100% non-contained, cross-linked, recycled, and closed cell polyethylene foam. This foam is also resistant to fungal as well as bacterial growth and it is commonly known to be microbial.
  • The best part is that the foams used are not only free from rubber, but also from lead and various heavy metals.

The Only Solution that You Need

The biggest benefit with artifices grass for playgrounds is that you will never have to trim or water it from time to time. In case, you are looking for long-term solutions, then Lawn World can assist you in this specific purpose. All you need to do is contact our professionals and we will come up with the safe and perfect artificial grass for your school. Once you have installed it, you can remain sure that your kid is playing in a safe environment, and the chance of infections is zero to none.