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At Lawn World, we supply artificial grass in Chesterfield that is 100% pet friendly. Using a 4 phase installation system, we ensure your lawn is fitted to an excellent standard and built to last.

Artificial grass in Chesterfield

A pleasant looking lawn is no less than a blessing for people who lover gardening. However, having a lawn also comes with certain responsibilities related to its maintenance. For working people, it gets difficult to devote ample time and effort for this purpose. Thus, artificial grass with K9 turf is the best option for them. It boasts of 4-phase install system. The main features of this system include:

1. The Base

A turf with a strong base can last for a longer period of time. This is why K9 turf artificial grass has a solid foundation. The base is made up of crushed rocks and grano. The use of these materials with the inclusion of 2*2 plastic that is installed on the edges contributes a lot to its greater performance.

2. Proflow Urethane Backing

For better results of this turf, four different backing layers are used at K9 turfs to increase the usability of the artificial turfs. The inclusion of these four layers ensures that it turns out to be a durable option for you.

3. Enzyme Cleaner

It is important to clean the turf in order to make it long lasting. The artificial glass cleaner comes with the power of degrading the organic waste and eliminating odour. Due to this, your grass will become cleaner and drier.

4. Turf Infill

The infill of the turf works by pulling out all the toxic gasses present in the artificial turf. These gasses are held up until the magnetivity is released. Apart from that, it cools down the turf so that it can be used by your pets and family.

People who don’t think much about fake grass should stop scoffing because the synthetic turf is moving beyond golf courses and soccer fields. In Chesterfield, artificial grass is now becoming the number one alternative for real grass in homes.

Here are all the things that you should know about artificial grass before you purchase it.Artificial grass in Chesterfield

A Buyer’s Guide to Purchasing Artificial Grass in Chesterfield

Free Samples, Installation and Price Comparison

Before making the big move of installing or buying artificial grass, first ask for free samples or consult a professional. Ask what guarantee is provided; the average guarantee that is provided to the customer is typically 5 to 6 years.

When comparing the prices of artificial grass, use the square meter cost. There are hundreds of artificial grass suppliers in Chesterfield so it is advisable to consider all the options carefully.

Characteristics of a High Quality Artificial Grass in Chesterfield

  • A high-quality artificial turf should have a soft and non-abrasive texture.
  • It should look like natural grass
  • It should have a high grass blade density because the more dense artificial grass is, the softer it will be. Including a holed latex backing for drainage.
  • Roll width should be around 12.5 foot wide as it is easier to install.

Types of Artificial Grass in Chesterfield

Avoid buying a costly synthetic turf by knowing the types of artificial grass. There are six different types of artificial grass made for different applications. Understanding which artificial grass type suits your needs will help you make a better decision.

Artificial Putting Greens Grass

There are generally two types of synthetic grass used for putting greens.

  1. The type of artificial grass that you will see inside a sports store or at a miniature golf facility is Nylon artificial putting green grass. This type of grass is easier to install.
  2. The second type is Polypropylene artificial putting green grass which is filled with silica sand. This type of artificial putting green grass has longer life span.Artificial grass in Chesterfield

Artificial Grass for Your Dog

This type of artificial grass is specially made for the use of dogs and has a couple of unique characteristics. It has antimicrobial agents built into the yarn which help minimize odors by killing bacteria.

Artificial Turf Suppliers Chesterfield

This type of artificial grass is characterized by the thatch layer of yarn which is also called ‘root zone’ or micro fiber layer’. This curly lower layer of yarn holds the long blades firmly which give the illusion of real grass. It is the most expensive type of artificial grass to purchase.

Cost of  Artificial Grass in Chesterfield

Choose a professional company that is therefore experienced in installing artificial grass. The installation price is also estimated to be £30 per meter. Price of artificial grass varies according to its type from £9.99 to £35.00

The market for artificial grass is growing rapidly. Artificial grass can be used in many ways, from artificial putting green grass for a golf game to a better substitute grass for your dog.