Lawn World Artificial Grass In Southport, Fake Grass In Southport

Maintaining your garden lawn can be an expensive and time consuming task, which is why people in Southport are increasingly turning to artificial grass. Thanks to it’s natural look as well as its longevity, it’s proving to be a popular option.

Our K9 Turf requires far less maintenance than the real grass thanks to our sophisticated 4 phase install system which is explained below.

1. Base Work

It is of utmost importance to have a strong foundation of a lawn. This is why we use crushed rocks and grano that improves the drainage system. In order to strengthen the edges of your lawn, we use 2” x 2” plastic batten.

2. Backing of the Artificial Grass

Our K9 Turf artificial grass has ProFlow Urethane backing that contains 4 layers. The backing is designed to boost the drainage capacity by 400%. It helps in keeping the grass dry and clean that will make sure there is no foul odour coming from the grass.

3. Turf Infill

The K9 Turf ZeoLite Infill is best for eliminating all the toxic materials from the grass. This infill will hold all the gases in it until it rains. The sodium ion in the rainwater will release the toxic gases. It will keep the surface cool throughout the year.

4. Enzyme Cleaner

Our K9 Turf Enzyme Cleaner is perfect odour eliminator, base maintainer, bacterial enriched cleaner and waste matter degrader. It will help in eradicating ammonia from the grass making it safer for pets.artificial grass in southport

Artificial Grass In Southport, Fake Grass In Southport

In today’s world life has become pretty hectic and extremely busy. People get very less time for each other let alone for decorating and maintaining the house. Many people love to take care of plants and lawns and that’s why they adopt gardening as a hobby. Due to busy schedules, people don’t usually have much time for gardening but still they like to have perfect lawns in their house. To solve this dilemma, the concept of artificial grass in Southport for lawns has been introduced.

Lawn World artificial grass in Southport looks exactly like real grass; at times even better. Over the period of time, quality of artificial grass has been enhanced so much that it’s getting very difficult to differentiate it from the natural/traditional grass. First thing which comes to our mind when we think about artificial grass is that it isn’t real so why should we buy it? An artificial grass, if not properly installed, gives a fake look to the lawn. However, once it has been properly put into place, it gives a pretty ravishing look to the lawn. That is one reason why the selection of a proper supplier and installer of artificial grass is very critical. One of the best UK artificial grass suppliers is “Lawn World artificial grass in Southport”. With their top quality of work they give a new life to your lawn.

Lawn World artificial grass in Southport provides various types of artificial grass. Whether it’s a trim tail for school playground, sports surface, perfectly natural looking lawn or a clean area for children to play on, Lawn World has got artificial grass for all these. All you have to do is point and choose.

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A perfectly low maintenance solution for your lawn

Artificial grass is not only flawless; it’s a perfectly low maintenance solution for your lawn. These artificial grass lawns look very real but they don’t need constant cutting, mowing, watering and feeding like natural grass. It is not affected by extreme weather that’s why you get to enjoy a relaxed, stress free time in your lawn, all year long. Your kids will be able to play on it with ease and it will not be distorted by the heavy soccer games played on it. Lawn World technological advancement in the area of artificial grass has made so much progress that it’s getting very difficult to differentiate artificial grass from the real one. Artificial grass is available now in various shades and sizes.