Lawn World Artificial Grass in Middlewich, Fake Grass in Middlewich

At Lawn World, we supply artificial grass in Middlewich that is 100% pet friendly. Using a 4 phase installation system, we ensure your lawn is fitted to an excellent standard and built to last.Artificial Grass in Middlewich

People who have a lawn in their home have to deal with the responsibilities of its maintenance and cleanliness, which can prove to be extremely time consuming. Not to forget the expensive supplies that can also burn a hole in your pocket. If you want to eliminate all the hassles that come with real grass and still want to have a pleasant looking lawn, then artificial grass with K9 turf is the best option for you. Its main feature is its 4-phase install system. Each phase of this system is discussed below:

  • Phase 1: A strong base ensures your turf will last for a longer period of time and this is exactly what this phase deals with. In addition to providing a solid foundation, this phase also helps to maintain the drainage system of the turf.
  • Phase 2: K9 turf has a proflow urethane backing. It is made of four layers. These layers include:
    • A 5-pick layer
    • A coating of urethane compound
    • Two dense gauge woven layers
  • Phase 3: In order to provide a safe play area for your pets, this turf contains zeolite infill and other natural substances.
  • Phase 4: This phase deals with the cleanliness of turf. The powerful enzyme cleaner of the turf eliminates any organic waste and liquid spill from the turf. Additionally, this cleaner also removes foul odour that comes out from the turf.

To sum it up, buying artificial grass with K9 turf is a one-time cost that will keep your lawn fresh and pleasant-look through the year.


Key services by the Lawn World professionals

What Makes Lawn World Different

Advanced polyurethane backed grass which does not absorbs liquid and will not retain odours like pet urine.
We only use base materials that are engineered to last and use a proper under-drainage systems made from crushed rock and grano dust.
All Lawn world products come with a full comprehensive 8 years warranty on both the grass and installation.

There is something about a little town like Middlewich that attracts people from all around the world every year. The festivities that take place here, the rich history and the nature surrounding every house is something truly spectacular.

The rainfall that falls here quite often makes maintaining the lawns green quite difficult. However, thanks to the artificial grass in Middlewich, you no longer have to worry about this.

Since the artificial grass in Middlewich does not require fertilizing to grow every year, there is no need for various chemicals to be used in the soil. This means that the soil will stay clean and healthy and at the same time, your lawn will look alive and well.

Buyer’s guide to artificial grass in Middlewich

The artificial grass purchased in Middlewich should have the following qualities:

  • The artificial grass should look exactly like natural grass
  • It should come with a polyurethane draining backage with holes in it so the rain will not stay on the surface of the artificial grass
  • The grass blades should be dense to look as natural grass
  • The texture of the artificial grass should be non-abrasive and softArtificial Grass in Middlewich

Protecting the children from injuries

Artificial grass is perfect for playgrounds and lawns because it does not require various fertilizers to maintain the grass green, while at the same time protecting the children from injuries that may occur when they fall down.

Artificial grass in Middlewich is a perfect choice because it does not require watering, fertilization or mowing. It can be used in numerous locations, staying green all year round, regardless of the weather.