How do you clean fake grass?

How do you clean fake grass? Artificial grass has been designed to ensure it is easy to clean. We recommend simply hosting it down with water every few weeks to remove any dust and debris. Once you’ve hosed it down, take a soft raje and simply brush through the blades. This will keep it looking fresh and healthy all year round.


If you have pets, then the cleaning process depends on the type of artificial grass you have.

It also depends on the size of your garden and how many dogs you have. For example, if you have K9 Proflow Polyurethane backed grass in a 20 sqm garden with one dog, we recommend cleaning it once per month. However, if you have a cheaper, latex based grass, you’d need to clean it every time the dog uses it to prevent toxic ammonia pockets from building up.

If not cleaned often enough, latex grass can become toxic and pose as a hazard to pets and children. To prevent this happening the grass must be cleaned daily if you have pets. Otherwise, the fibres will absorb ammonia from the urine and become toxic.

However, K9 Proflow Polyurethane backed grass has been scientifically designed to remain 100% pet friendly. The innovative design allows urine to flow through the grass without being absorbed. This is becuase the polymers that are used to make the grass are anti-pourus and repel liquids. Therefore, nasty odours and chemicals flow through the turf when cleaned, leaving the grass toxin free.

When cleaning your artificial grass, for best results, we always recommend that you use K9 Zeolite infill and enzyme cleaners. The products act extra protection against the build up of any harmful chemicals.

Cleaning artificial grass is an easy process and doesn’t take long at all. It is just important that you have a regular cleaning process to ensure it stays in prime condition.

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