The Advantages of a K9 Turf 4 Phase Install System

At Lawn World we provide artificial grass in Wilmslow that is ideal for pets. The comprehensive installation process we use not only makes it 100% pet friendly but also prolongs the turf’s lifespan.

The complete 4 Phase install system is as follows:

1. Base Work

The solid material is the first thing that makes the turf last longer than other conventional turfs. Our skilled installers use the most reliable base materials and add a 2 x2 plastic batten. This way, not only the ground but also the edges remain undamaged.

2. K9 Turf Proflow Urethane Backing Artificial GrassArtificial Grass In Wilmslow

Once the turf is installed, the whole compound is filled with air. It further forms space for water to quickly pass through the drainage. Due to this swift drainage system, all nasty odors vanish within seconds. Most importantly, it helps to eliminate the chance of weed from the particles that can be found in the hole of the turf. Most importantly, we insert four layers, due to which the grass stays clear of everything.

3. K9 Turf Infill

The K9 Turf Infill keeps the grass cool from the inner surface. It is prepared from natural components; therefore, it is very useful. One major benefit is that it helps to keep the toxicants away. Aside from being very environmentally friendly, this infill also makes the turf look like all new.

4. K9 Turf Enzyme Cleaner

Now, your pet can play on the cleanest turf you will ever find. With this cleaner, your dog will remain safe from all harmful and infectious diseases.

Artificial Grass In Wilmslow

Wilmslow is a little known famous for its beauty and the fame of its residents. Here, due to the historical importance of the town and that of its residents, maintaining appearances is very important. Many people simply don’t have the time to take care of their lawns, gardens or anything else green that needs constant maintenance. However, the growing market of artificial grass in Wilmslow is now able to fill that gap and give people an alternative that requires little maintenance and that ends up saving them a lot of money on the long run.

The artificial grass market in Wilmslow is definitely growing and as proof of that is the fact that many people choose to use it in places where it has never been used before. The artificial grass in Wilmslow is clean, low maintenance and easy to install.

Key services by the Lawn World professionalsArtificial Grass In Wilmslow

Full comprehensive 8-15 years warranty on both the grass and installation.

The market of the artificial grass in Wilmslow is growing more and more every year and nowadays, there are numerous designs and types to choose from. The advantages artificial grass comes with are indisputable, Lawn World artificial grass technology is incomparable with others in the competition due to the advanced polyurethane backed grass, base materials that are engineered to last and a full comprehensive 8-15 years warranty on both the grass and installation.

Maintaining a beautiful garden and lawn can be a difficult task for many and considering all the effort that goes into it, most prefer to choose the easier maintainable artificial grass in Wilmslow. Some of the advantages of the artificial grass for landscaping are that it requires little effort to be maintained, it looks great and alive in every season and environment and there are numerous designs to choose from.