Lawn World Artificial Grass in Prestwich, Fake Grass in Prestwich

At Lawn world, we provide high quality, long lasting K9 Turf Artificial Grass in Prestwich, designed to last. Artificial Grass in Prestwich

K9 turf artificial grass is the ultimate option if you want a fresh and pleasant looking lawn. It’s durable, odour-free, and has of a powerful drainage system. This is due to our specially designed 4-phase installation system.  All four phases are described briefly below:

Phase 1

This phase ensures the turf has a strong foundation. Crushed grano and rocks are used to ensure the base is strong and durable. To add strength, a 2 x 2 plastic batten is also fixed on the turf’s edges. This base then acts as a strong support for the other layers.

Phase 2

A proflow urethane backing is then installed which has 4 layers. These layers ensure the turf has an effective drainage system. As a result, there is no difficulty in removing animal waste and other dust and dirt particles from the turf. Once the urethane backing is installed, air is pumped into it. This feature creates a pathway for water and other particles i.e. dust and dirt, animal waste etc. to conveniently flow and flush away.

Phase 3

Natural substances are used as infill materials to make the turf eco-friendly. This infill is also gives the turf a neat and fresh look all year round as it flushes out any bacteria.

Phase 4

A powerful and effective enzyme cleaner is then used to eliminates the need for using chemical filled cleaners and other supplies required for natural grass. This enzyme cleaner goes deep down the turf to remove organic matter and spills from the turf.Artificial Grass in Prestwich


Artificial Grass in Prestwich, Fake Grass in Prestwich

It won’t be wrong to say that the most cherished area of a house is the lawn. The lawn in a house enhances the quality of life and also increases the property value. An added advantage is that it is also an area where you kids enjoy playing.

If you have the time to maintain your lawn then it’s easy but nowadays most poeple have other more pressing priorities. Artificial grass is therefore a great solution as it requires far less maintenance.

Lawn world is the installer of artificial grass nationwide. Lawn world artificial grass looks like real grass and it is soft and cushiony for kids. It is also known as false grass and is best for pets so that’s why it’s popular for home garden lawn, dog runs, school playground flooring and other cooperative events. The artificial grass area is usually available in two to four meter width.

With artificial lawn grass your lawn will be always beautiful and evergreen all year along and the important thing is that it is very easy to maintain and there is no need to water and mow it.

Artificial Grass Options:

It is very important that you are aware of installation of synthetic turf options. Some of the options are:

Artificial grass for dogs:

Most of the people are looking for it to have installed at their home because it is one of the most famous artificial turf option. Pets are messy but with artificial grass you don’t have to worry about dogs’ wear and tear or smelling with K9 Turf. It is safe for dogs and provides clean and odor free environment because artificial grass is permeable to urine so urine drains off through turf surface.

Artificial grass putting green:

Putting green is where you improve your golf game as they provide golfers a convenient way to practice and it is most popular putting greens and tea lines at golf courses. Golfers will play accurately by putting green in perfect shape and short as possible. Moreover, it helps to reduce the cost of golf club and maintenance time. Golf Putt is available in small quantities and is best for home golf putting areas.

Artificial grass installers:

When we talk about Astro turf suppliers K9 Turf, Pet Turf, Lion Turf, Everblades and Progreen lawns are the reputable installers of synthetic turf and it provides you the services in an accurate, timely and efficient manner. They have highly skilled experts in the field of artificial turf installment and they deliver professional quality artificial turf products from a wide range that they have in store.  For Artificial Grass in Prestwich, Fake Grass in Prestwich Get in touch