Lawn World Privacy Policy



The purpose of this policy is to establish your trust in us.

It applies to both you, the user of Lawn World’s website; and us, the owners. It aims to set certain boundaries and usage discretion of the data that is received or gathered by us on this website. Through the core of this policy, both the user and the owners are liable to any sort of privacy breach.

  1. Interpretation of the terms used

Here you’d find us addressing some or all of the following terms.

  1. a) Data

Solely based on the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998, the definition of the word “data” implies any sort of information that is submitted to the Lawn World by means of certain fields.

  1. b) Lawn World

The brand name under our possession. It refers to Lawn World of 298 Winwick Road, Warrington, Cheshire, WA2 8HZ

  1. c) User

Refers to any third party accessing this website which has no relation whatsoever with Lawn World.

  1. d) Website

Means this website that you are interacting with by any means. It includes the main and the sub-domains.

2) Extent of application of this policy

This policy is only applicable to the users of the Lawn World and itself. It does not extend to any of the external or unrelated websites/social media profiles that might have been mentioned anywhere in the present domain or sub-domains.

  1. Type of data collected

Under the effect of this policy, the following information is collected by Lawn World every time a third-party user inputs data.

3.1 (name)

3.2 (date of birth)

3.3 (position/occupation)

3.4 (job title)

3.5 (gender)

3.6 (contact information including email addresses and/or telephone numbers)

3.7 (statistical information such as location, postcode, interests, preferences)

3.8 (credit card/debit card or other financial information)

3.9 (collection of IP addresses)

3.10 (web browser information)

3.11 (OS)

3.12 (URLs of the referral website, of this site, and the exit site)

3.9, 3.10, 3.11, and 3.12 are automatically created. The liability only remains in that influence.

4) Our usage of the customer data

This section explains how we use different sets of customers’/visitors’ data.

4.1 Lawn World is eligible to retain your personal data for about 6 months without any notice.

4.2 Your data will not be shared with anyone, unless under the permission of the law, and the Clause 5.

4.3 Your data is stored in secure premises that are only reached with special permissions. This provision acts on the rules regulated by Data Protection Act 1998. More details on security can be gathered by viewing clause 11 below.

4.4 Your data might be used frequently under the provisions of the law to enhance your interactive experience on our website. We’d like to present to you a personalized user experience that is based on the data provided by you. Also, your data might be used for the following reasons.

4.4.1 (Recordkeeping)

4.4.2 (quality control of our products/service)

4.4.3 (sending promotional material to your email that might be of your interest)

4.4.4 (use of the contact information for research on customer behavior. This information might be collected by using email, fax, telephone, or cell phone number. This information may be aimed at improving the user interface of the website.)

  1. Services and websites of third-party nature used by us

5.1 For the purpose of the matters including payment processing, order processing or delivery, search engine features, and marketing, Lawn World is liable to hire the services of third-parties. However, these service providers by no means have any access to the user data of this website.

5.2 Even if the data is used by third-party service providers, it is solely for the purpose of improving the user experience on this website. Lawn World intensifies that this usage should only be based on the provisions and recommendations of the Data Protection Act 1998. Any use that would benefit any other source in any way is prohibited strictly.

  1. Outbound links

Lawn World is liable to provide links to the other websites. However, we are not liable to any sort of their content, nor have any control over the systems of it. The visitors of this website should only approach any external link with discretion and should read the privacy policies of it.

  1. Shift in business control or ownership

Without any prior notice, Lawn World is liable to change the ownership or control of this business whenever it is necessary. This might be aimed at expanding or reducing the extent of the business. With the rest of the assets of the company, the user data will also be, under the effect of this policy, transferred and used. The new controlling or owning party shall be permitted to use the data solely in the bounds of this privacy policy and shall not, by any means, breach its limits.

  1. Your control over your data

8.1 You have a certain permission to whether allow or deny any sort of our usage of your data based upon the following points.

8.1.1 (data used for marketing or advertising purposes)

8.1.2 (data used by third-parties under our permission).

  1. Data withholding status of the users

Certain places of this website do not require any sort of data entry on your part. Therefore, you may access those places without any hesitation. However, in areas where there are fields requiring your information, they are only for the purpose of improving your user experience.

  1. Your right to access your own data

You can access your own data for whichever purpose you like. However, to do that, you’d have to go through our process. It includes payment of £10 which would not exceed.

  1. Data Security

11.1 For Lawn World, the security of user data is paramount. And for this purpose, dire physical, mechanical, and technological measures have been taken. Therefore, any user data that is gathered through this website is safeguarded at all costs.

  1. Policy changes

It is in the favor of the company as well as the users to have changes in this policy whenever any circumstance commands. That includes law and order also. If any changes occur herein, the notification will dully be posted on this website. Also, you would be termed as an acceptor of these terms of the policy on first use of this website.

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