Is artificial turf safe for dogs?

Is artificial turf safe for dogs? The safest artificial grass for dogs is the ProFlow Polyurethane backed variety. This type of grass can enhance drainage by up to 400% meaning no harmful toxins from dog urine can build up. Latex grass on the other hand is a cheaper product and much more susceptible to the build up of toxic ammonia pockets from dog urine. This is toxic for both children and older dogs.


The effects poor quality artificial grass can have on pet health can often be underestimated. However, if you have dogs, it is important that you are fully aware of the ways in which cheaper artificial grass can affect the air your dogs are breathing in. Dogs that are allergic to latex can suffer from a whole host of problems such as ear infections and hair loss. This can make their time in the garden really uncomfortable and lead to more serious problems further down the line.

Is artificial turf safe for dogs?

Is artificial turf safe for dogs?


To avoid such issues, we recommend that pet owners opt for K9 Turf ProFlow Polyurethane backed grass which is designed with pets in mind. The grass is made using Polyurethanes which are a type of polymer. They are far more durable, weather resistant and corrosion proof. Polyurethanes are also far less absorbent than latex meaning urine and bad odours drain away without a problem. Dog owners are therefore far more attracted to this type of grass as not only is it safer for their pets, it also makes their life easier. There is far less maintenance involved in cleaning the grass and keeping it safe for pets.


To ensure the turf remains 100% pet friendly, we recommend using K9 Zeolite infill and enzyme cleaners in conjunction with ProFlow Polyurethane backed grass. This will help ensure your grass remains clean and in optimum condition all year round. It also keeps it safe for your dogs and prevents any nasty toxins from being absorbed into the air.

4 Phase installation service

At Lawn World, we advise that our customers opt for our tried and tested 4 phase installation service. To ensure your grass has a solid foundation and excellent drainage, we have developed an installation system which also boosts the turf’s life span.


The process begins with a complete excavation of your garden, removing any rocks and debris to create a smooth surface. A layer of crushed rock and grano is then laid which acts as a solid foundation and also provides an excellent drainage system.


2”x2” plastic battens are then installed around the garden perimeter using concrete. The battens reinforce the foundations and ensure your garden is built to last. A four layer backing system is then laid which enhances drainage by up to 400%.


Once the artificial turf is installed, an organic infill called Zeolite is spread across the surface. This acts as a magnet and attracts any excess liquids such as pet urine. In doing so, it acts as extra protection and prevents the build up of harmful bacteria and bad smells.


Our four phase system therefore ensures that your artificial turf remains safe for dogs. It also boosts the lifespan of the grass, ensuring your garden is built to last.


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