Lawn World offers the Newest
ProFlow Polyurethane Backing

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Advanced polyurethane backed grass
which will not retain odours like pet urine

K9 Turf

Artificial Grass for Schools
and Nurseries Playground Surfaces

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    Lawn World Artificial Grass in Warrington, Fake Grass, Artificial Turf, Synthetic Turf, Pet turt, K9 Turf Artificial Grass for Dogs
      If you are looking for synthetic turf in Warrington or the surrounding area then you have certainly come to the right place. Lawn World is here to help you moving forward.
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    Our lovable friends have a habit of digging up dirt and making more work for us in the lawn,
    With artificial turf however, you don't get this problem. You get a world where dogs can play safely and freely, without destroying your beautiful lawn.
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    Lawn World is the number one choice for synthetic turf in Warrington, where we have installed artificial grass surfaces in hundreds of domestic and commercial properties throughout Warrington and surrounding states. If you are looking for artificial grass surfaces in the North West for sport, leisure or to improve your home appeal, make sure you contact Lawn World and we will be happy to discuss your project with you.
  • How to Install Artificial Grass

    In recent years, artificial grass has risen in popularity. It has different shades and textures that can be fitted to a design that will suit your taste and your budget. It can be an added decoration in front or back of your house. Here are the right steps for installing artificial grass.
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K9 Turf 22.5KG Green ZeoLite Infill

K9 Turf 22.5KG Green ZeoLite Infill Artificial Grass For Dogs Odour Control And Controls Toxic Ammonia

K9 Turf Artificial Grass Cleaner

K9 Turf Artificial Grass Cleaner, 28 Day Treatment Kit 8 x 250ml. Eliminates Uric Acid Crystals and Controls Toxic Ammonia

K9 Turf Enzyme Bio-Enymatic Artificial Grass Cleaner

K9 Turf Enzyme Bio-Enymatic Artificial Grass Cleaner, Deodoriser and Ground Maintainer

Artificial Grass Pegs

Half Green Artificial Grass Pegs Turf U Pins Metal Galvanised Sod Staples Weed

Lawn World artificial grass technology is incomparable with others in the competition

Lawn World is the leading supplier of artificial grass fake grass for commercial and residential applications in and around Warrington, Wilmslow, Liverpool, Manchester and Chester.. We offer the highest quality of artificial grass made from polyurethane or latex backed grass. All products are made in USA, UK and EU and we sell some of the best brands from around the world, Pet Turf® From NexGen Lawns USA, K9 Turf® from Sprinturf USA, Lion Turf UK

What Makes Lawn World Artificial Grass Different?

  • Advanced polyurethane backed grass which does not absorbs liquid and will not retain odours like pet urine.
  • We only use base materials that are engineered to last and use a proper under-drainage systems made from crushed rock and grano dust.
  • All Lawn world polyurethane backed artificial lawn products come with a full comprehensive 15 years warranty on both the grass and installation with service Plan.

K9 Turf 4-Phase Artificial Grass for Dogs Install Systen

With K9 turf, the longevity of your artificial lawn will increase. With proper maintenance, your turf will remain intact and be able to resist routine wear and tear without losing its shine and mettle. K9 turf boasts of a 4-phase install system. Each of these phases has a specific feature and functionality. These 4 phases are:

1. Base Work: This phase is responsible for giving a strong foundation to your turf.  Plastic battens are then installed around the edge of the garden which act as reinforcers once the turf has been installed.

2. K9 Turf Proflow Urethane Backing Artificial Grass: It is made up of 4 layers that contain two dense gauge woven layers, a 5-pick layer, and a urethane compound coating. This phase is responsible for effective drainage system of turf. Moreover, it restricts the growth of weed through the turf.

3. K9 Turf Infill: This is made up of natural substances.  K9 Turf  zeolite stops the ammonia from transforming into gas that causes foul smells

4. K9 Turf Enzyme Cleaner: With this powerful enzyme cleaner, your turf will remain clean and healthy for pets. It will go deep into the turf to remove organic waste and liquid spills from it. Moreover, it will take care of the unpleasant smell that is often caused by animal waste and liquid spills on the grass


Sprinturf has been in the synthetic grass fake grass industry since 1987

Sprinturf USA manufacturers of synthetic grass. Let Lawn World supply your home or business with this hard wearing durable long-lasting product. Due to our many years of experience and research development we are able to provide you with the best artificial grass in the UK.  Fake grass is manufactured and produced with products that provide a realistic looking grass surface.

We believe our artificial grass also feels lifelike. Our artificial grass is weatherproof, it does not fade, and it is able to withstand the wear and tear from children, dogs, walkers, and has the durability to cope with many sporting activities. We provide artificial grass fake grass to homes, gardens, tennis courts, putting greens to name but a few.

Our customers feedback suggests. The reason Lawn World was their first choice is the trust in our knowledge and expertise in synthetic grass. We are proud of our customer service. We will listen to your guide and advis to the best quality product you require for your outdoor area. We are always happy to answer any questions to help you make the decision for your outdoor space. Please call Lawn World today and one of our experts will be happy to discuss your requirements.