New Arena to be constructed by Reading FC Soon

Reading FC set to construct a new arena

Reading FC is planning to erect a training ground in Winnersh at The Forest School. The team has planning permission for the new ground giving them the green light to put plans in place. The training ground will change the face of the current area beside Madejski Stadium. This will be knocked down later this year for the development of Royal Elm Park.

A facility for the whole community

The cable arena will be home to a 55m by 37m synthetic grass pitch and be located on The Forest School.  This will be for Reading FC Academy as well as the pupils that attend the school. The local community will also be welcome to use the facility. The dome is 10.5m high and will be open from 8 in the morning to 10:30 in the evening. The grounds around it will also be landscaped and improved. The projects were approved recently at Working Borough Council planning committee assembly.Reading FC


Although there is no exact date for the construction to start, the application outlines a set timescale of 3 years. The Royal Elm Park is a planned development that will see over six hundred new houses, a conference facility as well as a 250 bed hotel erected on the ground beside the Mad Stad. Furthermore, Reading FC have support for the ground breaking training area at Bearwood Park.  The new owner of this Arena said that they are excited to get the job started at the latest training centre.

According to Dai Yongge “One of my first priorities will be to visit the development site for the new training ground.”

When used in stadiums, synthetic grass provides an all weather training ground. It also requires hardly any maintenance which keeps the costs down.

All You Need to Know About the Reading Football Club

Known by the nickname of The Royals, Reading Football Club is the professional association football club in Reading, Berkshire, England. Reading club holds the honor of producing the highest attendance in 1927 at Elm Park. During this time, around 33, 042 audiences viewed the match where Reading won with 1-0. During the premier game held on 17 November 2012, the attendance was recorded as 24, 184 at the Madejski Stadium.

The Leading Football Club in England

Reading Fc has been able to win two English second tiers, and three English third tiers, with the number of five runner-ups in the latter and one in the former.

Quick Facts about Reading F.C.

  • Narin Niruttinanon owns the third quarter 25% of the club. Renhe sports managements Ltd has the major ownership (75%), whereas is it completely owned by Yongge Dai along with Xiu Li Dai.
  • Bobby Convey was the first Reading player to play in FIFA World cup that was held in 2006, in the United States.
  • It is one of the oldest teams as it was founded in 1871; however, it joined the football league in the 1920s. Due to this very reason, it did not play among the top tiers of English football league system until 2006-2007.
  • It plays in the championship, which is known as the second tier English football.
  • This club was previously associated with Huntley and Palmers, and that is why it was previously known as The Biscuitmen.
  • Reading FC received their big break during 2011-2012 after winning the championship. Recently, the club had the honor of completing 2012-2013 premier league season.
  • During the Football League third division south, the club significantly won with 10-2 over crystal palace on September 4, 1946. This matched indeed made history, and back in the day, many fans watched it happen.


The club has different kinds of teams that are mentioned below:

  • First Team Squad
  • Under 18 Squad
  • Under 23 Squad
  • Out on Loan

Highest Score by Players

  1. Arthur bacon has the most league goals in a game, mainly during the 1930-1931 time period. He was able to score six that too, against stoke city.
  2. Martin Hicks holds the title for appearing in most games from 1978 until 1991.
  3. Ronnie Blackman has been able to score most league in total, and also in one single season. He scored subsequently 158 right from 1947 to 1954. Other than that, he bagged 39 during the years of 1951-1952.
  4. Kevin Doyle, on the other hand, is the most clapped While he was at the club, he earned at least 26 solely for the Republic of Ireland.

Women’s Team

The club launched Reading FC women’s team in May 2006. Initially, the team played in FA Premier League Southern Division, however, right from 2014; they played in FA women’s super league 2. Like other teams, these players also worked wonders and won the promotion to the FA Women’s super league 1 after winning the league in the year 2015.

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