Why Latex Free Polyurethane Backed Artificial Grass is best for Your Dog

Latex Free

Artificial grass backing is essential for any synthetic turf. It is the layer that covers the drainage, and is set at the very bottom of the turf. The backing keeps the grass blades in place and strengthens them. This helps to prevent them from being pulled out. In essence, this is the one thing backing your entire synthetic turf. There are two types of artificial grass backing: latex and polyurethane. The former is bad for dogs whereas the latter is not only better for your dogs but a better choice anyway. Here’s a look at why.

What Latex Is

Latex is a sap produced by plants to fend away any animals trying to feed on them. It has a very sour taste due to the chemicals that make it up. Natural latex is used to make a number of different objects such as mattresses and condoms. Synthetic latex, made from crude oil and other chemicals, is used to coat a number of different things including synthetic grass carpets. Two coatings of latex are applied to synthetic grass carpets.

The Harmful Effects of Latex

Since latex is a chemical produced to keep away living beings, it can cause a number of allergic reactions in both humans and dogs. In dogs latex causes allergic reactions to the head, the skin, the coat, and the paws. The allergies can cause ear infections, hair loss, scaly or coarse skin, and redness. In some extreme cases dogs are also said to have developed asthma like reactions. These effects make latex very harmful for dogs. In order to prevent this, you should use latex free polyurethane as your artificial grass backing.

What is Polyurethane

Polyurethane is a polymer developed during World War II. It was initially developed in order to replace rubber and was extremely hard and expensive to obtain at that point in time. Nowadays,

Latex Free

it is used as a coating for various objects.

Polyurethane’s Benefits

Polyurethane backed artificial grass is highly durable, weather resistant, and corrosion resistant. This makes it a great alternative to weather dependent latex. Due to their properties, they are

used to manufacture a number of different materials including sport shoes. Because of its immense durability, polyurethane backed artificial grass is the most popular type of synthetic turf in the USA.

In order to protect your dog from a number of different possible allergies, you need to use polyurethane backed artificial grass. Latex free backing can ensure that your dog does not have to go through a number of different allergies. Latex is a highly nasty material and exposes your dog to a number of dangerous reactions. Our polyurethane grass at Lawn World is purely polyurethane backed and 100% latex free. With our strong belief in the benefits of polyurethane backing over latex backing, we strive to ensure that our customers get the best quality, and the best synthetic grass for their dogs

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