7 ways to make your garden low maintenance 

7 ways to make your garden low maintenance 
Want to enjoy your garden without the constant demands of upkeep? With the following 7 ways to make your garden low maintenance you can achieve just that. Whether its a busy lifestyle or lack of inclination gardening can be a difficult task to dedicate time to. Despite this everyone still wants their garden to look neat and tidy. These ideas will help you to achieve a beautiful garden without the high maintenance.

Invest in evergreens

One way to minimise the demands of your garden is finding the right plants to suit your lifestyle. Evergreens such as daphne, holly and euonymus require minimal upkeep and once matured grow back each year. Their continuing blossom means you can enjoy your garden without a continuous workload. If you want to add colour to your garden a evergreen favourite is lavender. With its relaxing aroma and reoccurring blossom this draught-tolerant plant will thrive in a low maintenance garden.

Compartmentalise your plants

By containing your plants in boarders, pots or containers you are eliminating both weeds and heavy upkeep. This easy option is perfect for novice gardeners as containers can be easily checked for pests and weeds and quickly remedied. They can also be moved, if prolonged foul weather is expected containers, being portable, allow you to shade your plants from the bad conditions.


7 ways to make your garden low maintenance Opting out of flower beds and vegetable patches doesn’t mean your garden can’t look beautiful. The growing trend of minimalism is a great way to create your perfect low maintenance garden. A simple, streamlined garden can be beautiful and powerful way of making your garden more accessible and better suited to your lifestyle, while staying on trend. By limiting your materials and plants, as well as colours, you will be able to achieve a clean and stylish look that allows you to enjoy your garden without (too much) gardening.

Fake it

Artificial grass is a great way of achieving a beautiful garden without constant maintenance . This synthetic option has come a long way in the past two decades and there is little wonder, with todays high tech solutions artificial grass removes the biggest chores of maintaining your garden. Weeding, mowing and feeding your lawn become a thing of the past, with artificial grass you get the best of both world, with minimal upkeep you get outstanding results. Investing in artificial grass is proving to be to be the perfect choice for all lifestyles, especially those looking for a low maintenance garden.

Swap hedges for fences

Hedges can be a great option for the exterior or your garden, providing constant colour and height to your garden. However, they demand attention and constant trimming and maintenance can prove to be a greater task than expected. Exchanging them for fences will give you better security of your garden as well as one less thing to worry about.

Spreading mulch

In order to keep your garden under control it is best to take preventative measures. By surrounding your plant with a layer of mulch you will be avoiding the the aspects of gardening everyone hates, weeding. It also contains the moisture in the soil, prolonging the soils nutrients while scenting the garden with its pleasant aroma. Mulch also reduces seasonal damage, in the cold winter months mulch helps protect plants from the harsh weather.

A Place for relaxation

There’s nothing better that enjoying the benefits of your hard work especially if it was minimal. By creating a small area for you to relax in your garden, with a simple table and chair, your garden will become a haven for you to enjoy rather than another worry on your to-do list. By incorporating just a few of these ideas to make your garden low maintenance your space will become perfectly suited to you and your lifestyle.
Using the above 7 ways to make your garden low maintenance, you should have a hassle free garden in no time. If you’d like some further advice on how to create a low maintenance garden, we’d be happy to help. Call us on 01925 633541 and we’ll be happy to help.