Case Study: Newton Le Willows

Ongoing problems with flooding and waterlogging meant that Chris Brookes, her husband and pet dog Millie, struggled to enjoy their garden. Originally laid onto clay, their lawn struggled to absorb water when it rained, meaning they were constantly left with unsightly puddles and mud across the garden.

The waterlogging also meant that Millie the dog couldn’t play outside without getting bogged down. For Chris, it was becoming tiresome having to wash her pet’s paws every time she went outdoors.

With the garden proving difficult to maintain and summer quickly approaching, Chris decided something had to change. She wanted to ensure that the whole family could really make the most of the garden so started looking into potential solutions.

When weighing up the options, Chris came across an advert for artificial grass and saw how it could rectify the problems her garden was suffering. With having Millie, it was important for her to ensure the artificial grass was pet friendly so that the garden remained clean and bacteria free.


K9 Turf

At Lawn World, we advised Chris that for Millie, the best possible option would be K9 Turf. This grass, manufactured in the US, is 100% pet friendly thanks to its scientifically designed ProFlow backing.

Unlike standard latex backed grass, K9 Turf increases drainage by up to 400%, allowing excess liquids, such as pet urine, to drain easily. Furthermore, the grass is made from anti-absorbent polymers which repel liquids.

When installing the grass, we used a 4 phase installation system which has been designed to boost the overall lifespan of the turf. This process also keeps the turf firmly in place, preventing furry friends from digging up the edges.

To prepare the garden, we carried out a full excavation, removing the waterlogged base and edges. We then leveled out the area and and prepared it for the first stage – laying the base work.

Ensuring grass is laid on to a solid foundation is key, which is why the basework is such an important stage. Firstly we installed plastic battens around the perimeter of the garden and spread a layer of crushed rock and grano across the surface. This not only provides a strong foundation but also acts as a drainage system.

Once the foundations were in place, we then started installing the grass and comprehensive backing system. The layers consist of two dense gauge woven layers, a 5-pick layer, and a urethane compound coating. This backing system helps to enhance drainage and stops weed growth. It also prevents any nasty odours which come from pet urine.

Once everything was installed, we spread our specially designed infill across the surface. The infill is made from 100% natural materials and prevents the absorption of pet urine into the grass. Following this, we gave the lawn a thorough clean using K9 turf Enzyme cleaner which penetrates the surface and removes organic waste.

To add a finishing touch and prevent any waterlogging, we also installed gravel around the edges of the lawn. This helps to set the grass off and prevents those messy mud puddles from reappearing.

Initial reactions

With a mud free garden, Chris and the family can now make the most of the space without worrying about those pesky, messy puddles. Plus, now summer is around the corner, Millie the dog can enjoy the garden without having a foot spa everytime she goes inside!

If you have a similar problem with waterlogging, or just want to know how artificial grass could benefit your garden, we’d be happy to help. Simply call us on 01925 633541 or visit our contact page here.