5 Garden Trends for 2018

5 Garden Trends for 2018

This heatwave is giving us a summer like no other! Ideas for the garden are therefore the talk of the town with people pushing the boundaries and trying a whole host of new trends. From renovating small spaces to transitioning unused turf into a space for all the family. Jump on the bandwagon these 5 Garden Trends for 2018.

1. Gardens Fit For Hosting

When it comes to gathering in the garden, we know we can do better than the old standard green plastic chairs. There are more interesting, comfortable and affordable options out there. Creating a space for family and friends is what gardens are for so why not target your intentions to creating a comfy space for them.

Whilst we can only hope for sun in the Summer months, us Brits can be sure of is wet and cold weather. However that shouldn’t keep us out, we can adjust our gardens for each season of the year. Umbrellas for sun and chimineas for the winter, you can create a garden that’s fit for use all year round. Plus a space that’s more comfortable too, with hammocks that don’t rely on nearby trees.


2. Less Work, More Play

Artificial grass has become a very popular choice across the country over the last few years. Considering the amount of benefits it now offers, it’s no wonder why. With no more requirement of mowing, watering or even the worrying about its colour. As a result artificial grass provides you with ease of mind and more time for yourself. In the modern world time is precious, therefore it should be spent on more important projects than catering for your grass.


3. Wild Gardens

5 Garden Trends for 2018Designated spaces for pets are becoming popular! Pets are high priority in many homes and gardens are where they show their love. Every pet should have a toy and some space to play with it. Gardens can provide the perfect space for our pets to be themselves.  Creating spaces for dogs, cats and other animals can turn your garden into a thriving space of new life and an entertaining spectacle.


4. Get Cooking

Barbecue season is fast approaching, so get your garden prepare with an outdoor stove. Whilst this remains a timely tradition, there are various cooking options available. Push aside your disposable BBQ, there are plenty of options that you can install into your space. From gas stoves, pizza ovens and fire pits to keep the cockles warm and the marshmallows flowing.


5. Get Growing

With vegetarianism, veganism and other lifestyle movements becoming popular, vegetable plots too are increasing in numbers. You can take into the kitchen your homemade fruit, veg and pride. Producing your own nutritional diet from your very own garden can satisfy your family and even neighbours.

Why not leave boring at the shop and let your own originality run away! Take these garden trends of 2018 forward and fuel your motivation, for a summer of sport and family fun. As a result of various modern innovations for the garden, we are left without excuse for creating a fun-filled space for everyone!

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