K9 Turf 22.5KG Green ZeoLite Infill Artificial Grass For Dogs Odour Control And Controls Toxic Ammonia


K9 Turf ZeoLite Infill is the number one choice for synthetic turf infill for pet owners
K9 Turf ZeoLite Infill is a negative charged product and therefore, it works to capture the ammonia in the urine which prevents ammonia from turning in gas and stops artificial grass smells
K9 Turf ZeoLite Infill works to provide 100 percent natural resources from the earth
If using to remove smells from old install please use K9 Turf cleaner first.

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Top Reasons Why You Need to Consider K9 Turf Zeolite Infill in Your Front Yard

The idea of artificial turf, especially for dogs, has quickly gained momentum. The synthetic turf has many advantages as an eco-friendly choice that requires very less maintenance. In comparison to real grass, the turf is safe for your pets. Not only is the surface is smooth, it can also be easily cleaned with few quick procedures. However, you should ensure you always use the right procedures in order to shield it from any harmful substances. This is where K9 Turf Zeolite Infill comes in.

As your pet will be playing in the front yard all day, it might make it dirty from time to time. Therefore, you need to have a quick cleaning backup to keep the space uncontaminated. That is where K9 Turf Zeolite Infill can assist you. You can choose between a 10kg or 22.5 kg tub, according to the area of your front yard.

What Makes K9 Turf Zeolite Infill so Special?

The presence of Zeolite, a natural substance, removes all the toxins in just a few minutes. Hence, it keeps the atmosphere clean for you and your pets. Furthermore, it is 100% organic which is why it has been regarded as an ‘organic waste degrader’. You only need to apply the K9 Turf Zeolite Infill once on your artificial grass.

This zeolite infill is manufactured by a honeycomb molecular structure, which is negatively charged. This kind of charging allows it to quickly absorb animal waste. As a result, it prevents the ammonia from turning into a toxic gas. This is why the smell fastly fades away.

The Major Advantage of Using K9 Turf Zeolite Infill

All over the world, many people have bought infill to control all the nasty odors from their homes. With that said, it has an excellent (80%) absorption rate. The awful smell of a dog’s urine can be very unbearable. However, with an infill, you will get the desired solution. The infill will install absorb the whiff, leaving the grass as evergreen as before.

  • It effectively eliminates all Ammonia toxins.
  • Zeolite Infill has been widely used for cooling the inside surface of Synthetic
  • The best part is that it is 100% free from any kind of Quartz.
  • After the rain, this infill helps to remove all the bacteria that might come with raindrops.


  • It is lead-free, which is why it produces such positive results.

Note: This K9 Turf Zeolite Infill is available in lots of sizes and you can easily buy it online.

A Final Word

Your pets need to play in a safe environment. Sure, with the constant presence of your pets you can expect some uncleanliness. However, once you insert the K9 Turf Infill, it will keep your garden free of all the unnatural substances. It will also maintain the fresh look of the grass and enhance its beauty that will remain for years to come. Considering all this, it is definitely your best bet to make a smart choice right now and buy K9 Turf Zeolite Infill.



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