Lawn World – Half Green Artificial Grass Pegs Turf U Pins Metal Galvanised Sod Staples Weed


  • Choose your color of pegs to match your artificial grass from Light, Med and Dark Green
  • Stops latex artificial grass backing from shrinking
  • Galvanised Standard 3mm = 150mm x 30mm x 3mm Heavy-Duty 4mm = 150mm x 30mm x 4mm
  • Bevelled endings for quick and secure mounting in the ground
  • Highly treated galvanised pegs
  • Made In UK
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 Artificial Grass Pegs U Pins Metal Galvanised Staples Half Green

With these green artificial grass peg sod staples, you can provide a solid grip to your artificial grass. The fixing pins are perfect for use with artificial grass and fabrics for weed control.

The U pins are made from galvanised metal which stops latex artificial grass from shrinking.

Why Use U Pins Metal Galvanised Pegs Staples?

Many people opt for artificial grass for a variety of reasons. Natural grass can ware over time and requires a lot of maintenance to keep it in good shape. Furthermore, there is also a risk of pets catching infections and other diseases from the germs and pests that are found in the natural grass.

With K9 turf artificial grass, you can wave goodbye to these issues. It benefits from a powerful enzyme cleaner that flushes out all organic waste and liquid spills. Futhermore, you can let your dog play for hours on K9 turf artificial grass and it won’t get damage or worn thanks to the artificial grass pegs staples.

The staples are resistant to corrosion thanks to thier galvanised frame. Furthermore, they have bevelled ends, which make it easier to mount them on the ground. Apart from using them with artificial grass turf, they can also serve certain other purposes. For example, you can use them as tarpaulin pegs and tent pegs.

Manufactured to last

These U pins artificial grass peg metal galvanised sod staples are manufactured using strong and durable steel. A thick coating is used to galvanise them to increase their resistance to corrosion and make them long-lasting. Available in 150mm x 30mm x 3mm Or 150mm x 30mm x 4mm size , these U pins metal galvanised pegs staples also have bevelled ends. The ends help to make the staples easier to mount in the ground.

All these features allow U pins artificial grass peg metal galvanised sod staples to give a solid grip on your turf. Thus, it becomes more resistant to damages.

You can opt for a 50, 100 or 500 pack of half green U pins metal galvanised pegs staples to cut down on your expenses. The staples, made in the UK, benefit from a durable, high quality material. The staples will strengthen your turf and prolong its life span.

Some prominent reasons why you need to buy a pack of half green U pins metal galvanised pegs staples from us include:

  • Free and fast delivery.
  • Safe and secure payment method
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • Complete value for money

A Final Word

With our U pins metal galvanised pegs staples, your lawn with artificial grass will retain its strength and grip for years to come.

Additional information

Pack Qty

50 Pack, 100Pack, 500 pack

U Pin Size

Standard 3mm, Heavy-Duty 4mm


Light Green, Med Green, Dark Green


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