Hedged in are providers of artificial hedges, plants and flowers, designed specifically to suit the surrounding environment of your home or workplace. Artificial gardening ideas from Hedged in help to distinguish different areas (between outdoor eating areas and the path for example) and reduce maintenance costs from hiring a gardener to keep them under control.

Totally dedicated to meeting customers needs and expectations, Hedged in will offer support regarding:

  • Information on all products available
  • Questions regarding orders
  • Professional advice about choosing the right Faux plants, hedges and indoor / outdoor features.
  • Extended catalogue which includes totally unique products, available when contacting the Hedgedin team.
  • Bespoke, custom or personalised products such as hedge lettering or furniture.

Hedgedin recognise the need for high quality artificial hedging, and as such, have made it an overwhelming priority to continue providing the very best products for many years to come, ensuring all customers are completely satisfied and that the overall standard of service is maintained and improved upon each time a customer is dealt with.

Part of the reason Hedged in are so successful is their constant drive to see their customers smile. They pay attention to detail and care about the needs of customers. Whether contributing to the aesthetic appeal of a home or commercial set up, Hedged in will always commit the same level of care and professional attitude towards the requests you make.

Hedged In: The Best Hedges for your Lawn


Hedges are one of the most important components for any lawn. They for a boundary for the lawn, and also give it a very dignified look. Growing natural hedges can be very tedious since a lot of care has to be put in to make them grow, and afterwards they need constant maintenance. Instead, it is more feasible to install artificial hedges into your lawn. Artificial hedges look just like their natural counterparts, but require no water and very low maintenance. If you are looking to install artificial hedges, look no further than Hedged In as your one stop shop for everything related to artificial hedges. Here’s what makes us the perfect company for your needs.

Our Range

We offer a number of different products related to hedges. These include normal artificial hedges, bespoke hedges, green walls, and topiary balls. Our artificial hedges are the highest quality products you can find based on the normal design. Here, we value quality over aesthetic. Lawn World’s bespoke hedges are hedges crafted in a number of shapes with a variety that may appeal to many customers. Our green walls and topiary balls are our aesthetic products, looking fantastic when put together to give a very stylish look to your lawn.

Our Products

Lawn World’s products have a number of fantastic characteristics about them. They are UV stable, they won’t lose colour because of that. Furthermore, they are weatherproof. No changes in weather will affect your hedges. Furthermore, our hedges are fire resistant as well. So they highly decrease the chances of your house catching a fire. Moreover, our hedges can be made based on the customer’s wishes. Our bespoke hedges are available for customisation based on what the customer wants to see. We try our very best to produce products that appeal to the customers aesthetic needs, while also providing the best quality.

Our Services

The best service we offer is our delivery service. We are aware of how precious our customers’ time is, which is why we deliver the ordered products as quickly as possible. Our delivery service will be at your place the very next working day once you have placed your order. Furthermore, since we are so sure about the quality of our products, we provide a full manufacturer’s guarantee. Therefore, not only will you be obtaining a high quality product very quickly, you will also have the ability to return it in case you are not happy with it, which is unlikely.

With a long history of customer satisfaction, and a drive to increase it even more, Hedged In always works on itself. We aim to become better at every single aspect in order to please our customers. Not only do we seek to improve our products, but improve our services as well. It is our aim to provide customers with the best hedges, no matter what style or type they pick. So do give us a call whenever you require artificial hedges for your lawn.

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