Zeo Fill Infill

ZeoFill Infill is the industry’s number one choice in odour control for artificial turf.

All natural, organic and lead free, ZeoFill is an environmentally safe product sourced 100% from the natural substances of the earth. Made differently to any other infill, ZeoFill is made using a negatively charged honeycombed molecular structure which absorbs the urine like a magnet to prevent ammonia from forming a gas which creates the horrible artificial grass smell.

ZeoFill works in an impressive way as it pulls any gases towards itself and holds it until the sodium ion in rain water releases the magnetivity. The force from rainfall will flush out all bacteria too, forcing it through the turf into the ground and making your turf appear almost brand new once again with no artificial grass smell

zeo fill artificial grass pet odor infill

ZeoFill is the only infill with an uncomparable 80% absorption rate!

For all you dog owners concerned about the state of your artificial grass surface once your pet starts doing its business on it, you needn’t worry any more. Of course you’ll have to clean up the mess like you would usually have to, but urine won’t cause the same horrible smells as it usually would when left to soak into the surface. Instead, ZeoFill provides the ideal solution to bad artificial grass smell caused by your doggy’s wee.

If you are looking for a suitable product to maintain your artificial grass surface, ZeoFill should be the only thought you currently have in your mind.

What Is ZeoFill and say no to artificial grass smell

ZeoFill is the number one choice for synthetic turf infill for pet owners and playgrounds. ZeoFill works to provide 100 percent natural resources from the earth. ZeoFill works better on top of the turf as well as InFILL to stop artificial grass smell

In order to install your turfs properly, you have to do the following:

  • Once your turf is properly installed, you have to apply 2 kgs per m2 by using a good drop spreader. The amount depends on the size of the pet eats and size of the animals
  • ZeoFill recommends you to use a turf enzyme in order to clean the turf for every six months in order to get rid of the disease causing agents that can adhere to the turf
  • You can use a stiff bristled broom and gently work in order to ZeoFill against the turf fibers until the ZeoFill disappears

ZeoFill has been approved by the leading manufacturers in the US in order to be filled as an infill to the purity. ZeoFill recommends that it is best to be installed on top of the grass in the turf fibers to help control the odors and then install them to fill non infill products.

To install ZeoFill you have to do the following:

  • In order to install ZeoFill, you have to do the same as install silica sand. The best way is the drop spreader. ZeoFill is usually a bit dustier than the usual silica sand but the dust doesn’t harm just as the silica sand. Moreover, there is also no need to any additional precautions.
  • ZeoFill is a negative charged product and therefore, it works to capture the ammonia in the urine which prevents ammonia from turning in gas and stops artificial grass smells
  • ZeoFill can be installed under the turf fully. Therefore, if you have a turf product that doesn’t need an infill, a bigger mesh will be required so that you can keep the mesh size right. ZeoFill works to improve the better nearest to the source fully.