New Arena to be constructed by Reading FC Soon!

Winnersh at The Forest School. Reading

Reading FC is planning to erect a training ground in Winnersh at The Forest School. Reading FC has projects permitted to put a new training ground in Winnersh. This training ground will change the current arena beside Madejski Stadium. This will be knocked down later this year for the development of Royal Elm Park.

The latest cable arena that will accomodat5e a 55m by 37m synthetic grass pitch will be at Robin Hood one of the ground of The Forest School.  This will be for Reading FC Academy and the pupils and to the whole community as well. The dome is 10.5m high and will be open from 8 in the morning to 10:30 in the evening and the ground around it will be landscaped and improved. The projects were permitted at Working Borough Council planning committee assembly.

Winnersh at The Forest School. Reading

However still there is no exact date for the construction of the dome, however the nature of setting up application instructs the developers to begin the worn in 3 years. The Royal Elm Park is a planned development that will see over six hundred new houses, conference facility as well as 250 bed hotel erected on the ground beside the Mad Stad. Also, Reading FC had support for the ground-breaking training area at Bearwood Park.  The new owner of this Arena said that they are excited to get the job began at the latest training centre.

According to Dai Yongge “One of my first priorities will be to visit the development site for the new training ground.”