ProGreen Synthetic Grass: Offers the Newest ProFlow Polyurethane Backing

Residential and commercial owners usually face certain concerns with regard to their drainage capacity.  ProFlow Backing from ProGreen is a patent ProFlow backing that can enhance a drainage rate up to 400 percent. Since 1987, it proudly offers premium quality of landscape turf artificial grass exclusive for dogs.

ProGreen proudly introduces this new product since it is a non-perforated backing designed exclusively to maximize the efficiency of the Deluxe K9 turf. Just like other ProGreen products, the quality of Deluxe K9 is defined by the presence of polyethylene yarn. What makes product extremely efficient is that it never holds moisture unlike the nylon fibers and Latex backed grass, With new ProFlow Backing, the turf becomes drier and cleaner while it is free from undesirable pet odors.

What is ProFlow?

ProFlow Artificial Grass Polyurethane BackingProFlow has been developed to get rid of the issues that something to do with any perforated backings. Such backings usually involve weeds that grow through particles on holes and drainage holes which interfere with drainage’s main function and capacity.

ProFlow Backing has 4 different layers:

  • Dense gauge woven layers (2);
  • 5-pick layer (1); and
  • Polyurethane compound’s final coating

The compound will be inoculated with the air prior to applying to the Deluxe K9 turf. Air bubbles will create passages that allow a free flow in the drainage. The best thing about this new product is that air bubbles will not grow smaller that only lead to problems into the drainage. This backing has been designed for a life-long function that can get rid of drainage problems usually encountered over time. Such problems happen when particles tend to clog the free flow in the drainage. Then, there will be a particular consistent percolation rate in the entire turf system life.

Another benefit obtained from using new product from ProGreen is that it does not require special techniques or installation tools. There are also no changes in the entire procedure of the installation. Thus, you can guarantee fast, easy and convenient process.

ProGreen International

The entire team welcomes every customer who encounters problems relevant to drainage. It is now one of the most trusted and highly recommended by people in the industry. It is due to the reason that ProGreen International, usually known as ProGreen Synthetic Grass, is dedicated to providing top quality products and excellent customer service. Call the ProGreen North West showroom on 01925 633541