PE-51 Artificial Grass Enzyme Cleaner

PE-51 Tops the List of “Enzyme Cleaners”

pe-51 artificial grass cleanerThe front-runner in eliminating and removing germs, PE-51 also eliminates dirt, odors, bacteria, and pests in the most natural ways.

The Synthetic Turf Doctors have introduced another enzyme cleaner that is unlike any other in the market today! The PE-51 is a natural solution that instantly degrades even the smallest speck of waste within no time.

As the owner of a pet, you must know how infuriating it can be when it’s time to eliminate the strong odor of pet wastes such as urine. Especially if you are the owner of a dog, you must be well aware of how strong their urine odors can smell. That’s when PE-51 can come to your rescue.

For over many years now, The Synthetic Turf Doctors have invented some of the best artificial grass cleaners and deodorizers, ensuring that all their products meet with the expectations of their customers. The PE-51 is another one of their ingenious creations that eliminates even the strongest odor right from its core.

In a recent interview, the marketing head of the product assured customers about its reliability by saying,

“This product is a powerful, safe synthetic deodorizer and turf cleaner for your pets. All you have to do is attach a hose to the nozzle and turn on the valves, pointing it at the position you want to spray at and ensure that you cover the entire artificial grass surface completely. Soon the odor will vanish.”

PE-51 consists of highly expensive liquid live enzymes (never in powder form). These bio-engineered bacteria are incomparable to other enzyme cleaners, making it a unique one. The enzymes have the ability to withstand high temperatures and they are resistant to disinfectants, chlorinated products, high acid solutions, bleach and others.

It is a non-toxic, non-pathogenic, and salmonella free certified product, consisting of naturally occurring bacteria that cut down biochemical oxygen demand and chemical oxygen demand by an 80% chance in just a span of 5 days.

You can purchase the product from Lawn world store or on eBay & Amazon or call 01925 633541