Artificial Grass in Liverpool

Liverpool is one of the landmark cities in Great Britain, with thousands of visitors coming here to enjoy the true English spirit that seems to be everywhere. Liverpool is a place filled with rich history, this being the place the famous RMS Titanic left to reach New York. The football spirit however is the one that dominates this city.

This is where the artificial grass comes in. The many advantages it comes with cannot be ignored. The price of artificial grass in Liverpool depends on the size and the type of artificial grass you want, but on the long run, it can save you lots of money you would normally spend on fertilizing natural grass, watering it or mowing it.

Key services by the Lawn World professionals

  • Artificial Grass Lawns
  • Artificial Grass for Dogs (100% Pet Friendly)
  • Artificial Grass tennis court
  • Stainless Steel Glass Balustrade
  • Timber Sleepers Installation
  • Decking Installation
  • Block Paving Installation
  • Indian Stone Installation

What Makes Lawn World Different?Artificial Grass in Liverpool

  • Advanced polyurethane backed grass which does not absorbs liquid and will not retain odours like pet urine.
  • We only use base materials that are engineered to last and use a proper under-drainage systems made from crushed rock and grano dust.
  • All Lawn world products come with a full comprehensive 8 years warranty on both the grass and installation.

Artificial Grass For Dogs

Dogs always dig up holes in the grass on the lawn, but now, with K9 Turf artificial grass, this will no longer be possible. Artificial grass is like a carpet that is laid out on your lawn. Digging holes in it is very difficult due to the strong base the artificial grass is stuck to. This translates into less cleaning on the artificial turf and the perfect grass for dogs.

There are lots of parasites that can attack your dog while he plays in the grass. Snails or other worms such as lungworms can affect your dog’s health. With the artificial grass however, you no longer have to worry about that. Artificial grass in Liverpool does not attract any sort of insects that enjoy eating grass, which means it is cleaner and healthier for your dog. At the same time, the soil will be much cleaner, as you will not be forced to use pesticides or other chemicals on the grass.

Artificial Grass in LiverpoolProGreen Artificial grass production since 1987

Progreen brand is the number one choice for synthetic grass in USA and now Liverpool. Progreen artificial grass has been in production since 1987 and our vast research and experience allows us to provide you with the highest quality and long lasting artificial grass. Artificial grass can be installed in a large selection of different environments. We supply and fit to schools, sports grounds, golf courses, playgrounds and your own garden. Here at Lawn World we are happy to talk with you about your requirements and will give you a quote. Lawn World have an excellent reputation from quote to installation. We pride ourselves in our customer service and we have a great team from administrators to installers. We are able to guide you through the selection process and advise on the best synthetic grass for your garden. The reason our customers choose a synthetic grass is it’s hardwearing, it looks great all year round and the fact it creates a very low maintenance area of outdoor space. Whether a small garden or a full size football pitch Progreen grass is the solution.

Artificial grass in Liverpool

Artificial grass in Liverpool

Artificial grass installation in Liverpool
This garden was totally transformed with synthetic grass installation in Liverpool. Previously it was landscaped in gravel and the owners of this property found that the gravel was being walked in to the house. The gravel was removed and the ground was excavated. Rocks, stones and tree roots were removed to ensure the an even base layer. A crushed rock drainage layer was applied and compressed to provide and firm base for the artificial grass to be fitted on. The artificial grass was applied and attached with galvanised hooks to ensure a firm, safe and secure lawn. The Liverpool property owners were delighted with the result
Liverpool artificial grass

Liverpool artificial grass

Liverpool artificial grass

Liverpool artificial grass

Always Green. Always Clean. Hassle FREE. Liverpool Artificial Grass
Your Lawn World Liverpool Artificial Grass garden is not only good for the environment; it makes your house look beautiful 100% of the time. The unique multi-coloured blades match the look of real grass. Your garden will be the envy of the neighbours.

There are huge benefits from installing artificial lawns in Liverpool

There are huge benefits from installing artificial lawns and whether your main focus is on cost, aesthetics, safety or maintenance, we believe that this style of surface brings considerable benefits for all clients. We are Liverpool artificial grass fitters that can provide experience and expertise to any project you have and we can provide services at every step of the artificial lawn process.
Liverpool artificial grass

Liverpool artificial grass

Approved installer in Liverpool;

We are now a Progreen approved installer Liverpool of new polyurethane backing artificial grass. Progreen Grass has a limited 8 year warranty backed by 3rd party insurer.

Whether you are looking to cover a small area, or looking to redesign your facility, our selection of Liverpool artificial grass for schools, nursery schools, Playgrounds, Dogs & Pets, Local Authority, Artificial Putting Greens, Tennis Court, and all sport Athletic Fields.