Artificial Grass in Knutsford

Knutsford is a picturesque little town filled with historical places and a very rich culture. Knutsford resembles a town taken straight out of a magazine, which is why certain etiquette has to be followed by all its residents and it revolves around keeping the town alive and green.

Given the climate of Knutsford, which is a region where it rains heavily, keeping the grass green and pretty is not something easy. The heavy rainfall makes it difficult to stay alive in the first place, let alone shine bright and enrich the whole town.

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  • Artificial Grass for Dogs (100% Pet Friendly)
  • Artificial Grass tennis court
  • Stainless Steel Glass Balustrade
  • Timber Sleepers Installation
  • Decking Installation
  • Block Paving Installation
  • Indian Stone Installation

The environmental impact of artificial grass in KnutsfordArtificial grass in Knutsford

Keeping grass green is difficult even in the regions that receive a lot of sun daily. You need a lot of water to do so, which means that a lot of it will go to waste, when it can be used for other purposes. Artificial grass in Knutsford does not require too much work put into it and most importantly, it does not require daily watering to stay fresh and green.

Considering the heavy rainfall that Knutsford receives on a daily basis, the artificial grass is a very convenient choice because the rain does not create the mud that you usually get when the rain mixes with grass. If you have small children or pets, artificial grass is perfect for these rainy days because you don’t have to worry about the mud they would be bringing into the house.

Easier to keep clean

Normal grass requires trimming, watering and maybe covering up the holes that your dog or pets in general have dug up. Artificial grass in Knutsford doesn’t require these. Artificial grass is like a carpet that is spread out on your lawn. It is mounted on a secure base, while the seams are covered. This means that although the artificial grass looks real on the surface, it cannot be dug up by pets, thus reducing the amount of time you would normally spend doing so.

Always greenArtificial grass in Knutsford

Artificial grass or fake grass, as it’s also called, stays permanently green. This means that artificial grass no longer requires watering, trimming or fertilizing for that matter. Artificial grass in Knutsford is the perfect choice for residential areas. On top of that, artificial grass is expected to last for over 8-25 years, thus greatly decreasing the costs you would usually have by taking care of real grass. Artificial grass is regarded by many as being the perfect choice for residential areas because it is easy to maintain, it does not require trimming or fertilizing and you can save a lot of water that would normally go to the watering of the grass


  • Low maintenance
  • No watering
  • Better for environment
  • Durability with visual appeal
  • Ideal for areas of heavy usage
  • All year round green
  • Very effective where natural grass is not a practical option
  • Sustainable in all types of weather

Artificial grass in KnutsfordProGreen Artificial Lawn Knutsford

Progreen are a specialist artificial grass manufacture. Progreen offer high-quality long-lasting products to people living in knutsford. We are a long established company with over 25 years experience in the synthetic grass business. Due to our knowledge and expertise we are able and install the best synthetic grass for your outdoor space. Our fully qualified, experienced installers are able to fit a artificial grass surface to your area.

We are able to transform the look and feel of your garden. Progreen Artificial grass in Knutsford means no more mowing, no more maintenance just a beautiful clean lifelike garden to relax in and enjoy. Progreen provide a hard wearing, durable and long lasting artificial grass. Due to the fact that artificial grass is low maintenance many children’s nurseries and playgrounds have had progreen artificial grass installs. Our customers tell that children are happy to play and run around this safe, soft durable artificial grass. Why not contact Lawn World today and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We hope to provide you with the answers and supply you with a fantastic low maintenance outdoor space. We are happy and able to install vast sporting grounds to small gardens. Call Lawn World today were waiting for your call!