Glasgow Warriors to Play on Artificial Grass for the New Season

Glasgow Warriors to Play on Artificial Grass for the New Season

With the Scotstoun pitch being affected greatly by the weather during the recent seasons, the Glasgow warriors is then set to play all of their home games from the 2017 season on artificial grass. The grass at the Scotstoun would be replaced by a synthetic grass after the said team has been left with no other choice but to play 3 matches last season away from their home turf after the approval of the councilors of Glasgow City to allot a budget of about £750,000 for the project. Surely, there’s no stopping in this move.

Glasgow-warriors-badge-LOGOThis news is not considered by many as something surprising at all, especially with the fact that the team is not the first one to have made such move. In fact, artificial grass has been also used in the recent seasons by Saracens and Cardiff Blues just to name a few. On the other hand, many people have been glad upon hearing this news as they know that it is one of the ways to end the postponement of the fixtures and forced movement as well. In addition to that, people have high hopes that this change can improve the facilities that the athletes are using, allowing them to perform even better during their matches.

Even the managing director of Glasgow Warriors, Nathan Bombrys agrees that it was necessary to change it to artificial grass, especially after another season has been disrupted due the problems with the pitch. He truly thinks that it is a great idea to make such changes in order to prevent the challenges that the athletes have experienced from happening again. After all, artificial grass is expected to remain at its excellent condition, regardless of the season, allowing the rugby players to play the sport that they have always loved to play.

According to Bombrys, the said development effort would provide great benefits to the members of athletic clubs as not only does it offer much better facilities than before for it is also more accessible. With that said, he fully believes that it would also provide more opportunities for Scotstoun to be chosen as a place for more rugby matches. Also, they are not only focused in bringing more rugby matches for they also aim to extend their love for the said sport in the southern part of Scotland.

Apart from the replacement of the grass with artificial grass, improvements would also be made to the running track outdoors and it has been included in the allotted budget as well. Not only that, they would also do some works on the stadium’s drainage. More than that, it is also expected to meet the guidelines set by the World Rugby. It would also be a compliant throws area where events and training would take place. With that, there is surely no doubt that it has been such a great move from the government of Glasgow City and for those who have shown great support for it.