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About K9 Turf Artificial Grass for Dogs

Artificial grass for dogs. As a pet owner, you must know how frustrating it could become when artificial grass for dogs k9 turfyour dogs go out to the lawn to play. They simply destroy it! That is when you can depend on ProGreen K9 Turf. Whether you are the owner of one dog or many, you can depend on us for good quality artificial grass for dog, which will be able to withstand any amount of wear and tear caused by the claws and paws of your pet, or their wastes. Our artificial grass also helps to eliminate puddles and excessive mud.

Key Points for Artificial Grass for Dogs

  1. Artificial grass backing – It must be polyurethane ‘urethane’ backed grass. (Do not use Latex backing because it absorbs liquid and will retain odours like pet urine. it will also cause small pockets of toxic ammonia)
  2. Proper under-drainage systems – The area needs to be excavated to 3” depth, The area should be covered by a bottom base 20-40mm crushed rock 2” depth and a top base grano dust 1” depth to get a level firm surface. (Do not use sharp sand as a top base is prone to settlement issues and will retain odours like pet urine, it will also cause small pockets of toxic ammonia)
  3. Base edge – The edge around your garden should be concreted in and both the plastic batten and membrane are then fixed into the concrete. (Cementing in of edging to stop worms lifting the sides up will stop your dog getting to the side of grass also keep away from tanalised timber)

We Ensure best Quality Artificial Grass for Dogs

K9 Deluxe

ProGreen K9 Turf Deluxe Artificial Grass for Dogs

When it is time to buy artificial grass for your dogs, you must pay special attention to the Backing making sure its polyurethane backed grass and use a Proper under-drainage systems with base edge. Whether your dog uses the grass to drop its waste, or use it as a playground, a good drainage for synthetic grass must remain dry and clean at all times. As far as the quality of drainage of such grass is concerned, no other quality can beat our ProGreen K9 Turf artificial grass for dogs. In other words, this means we sell the best quality artificial grass in this particular industry.
No other company knows about artificial grass for dogs the way we do at Lawn World. Since we established our company, we remained focused on installing the best quality artificial grass for dog owners. However, within no time we realized that our job wasn’t just about installing quality “green” for pets, but we noticed how happy dogs are when they get the chance to play on the grass or use it to do their business! Today, we continue to experiment with new ideas to create the ultimate quality artificial grass for your pets.artificial grass for dogs k9 turf 1

Buyer Beware Warning!!

Latex backing artificial grass is not pet friendly as it absorbs the urine and the smell remains. When it comes to artificial grass for dogs only use polyurethane ‘urethane’ backing turf, K9 Turf.


ProGreen K9 Turf Becomes “The Preferred Choice” Of Artificial Grass for Dog Owners

Designed with low sheen (oval shaped) and lustre fibres for a completely natural look, K9 Turf artificial grass for dogs feels soft in one touch

ProFlow Artificial Grass Polyurethane Backing

ProFlow Artificial Grass Polyurethane Backing


ProGreen K9 Turf Deluxe Turf is the perfect synthetic turf for your four-legged companion! Being dog owner, you must be aware of how frequently your pets run around with their muddy paws, they dig holes, and find the best chance to destroy anything that comes their way. With K9 Turf, you can let your dog’s play around the area without worrying about them damaging your lawn!


In addition to the realistic look and soft feel, the strongest feature of K9 Turf is its backing. Every blade of grass is fully reinforced into a thick polyurethane back coating system, which helps to prevent it from wrinkling when the drainage process works and 0% dog smell.

Find out more about ProFlow Artificial Grass Polyurethane Backing



Artificial Grass For Inside a Doggy Daycare And Dog Kennels

Artificial Grass Concrete BaseThe concrete base of the area to be installed with the artificial grass was not suitable for the ProGreen K9 Turf to de directly installed. The reason, artificial grass needs the correct drianage system below the surface of the grass to provide correct removal of urine and any other fluids.



To begin the process sleepers where installed around the 14m x 9m area to raise the outer edge of the dog park to 20cms. This provided the correct agility height for drianage of urine when the park was completed. The sleepers also provided support for the structure.




artificial grass Eco drainage system
In the centre of the concrete base an Eco drainage system was put in place. This would provide a constant removal of urine and water during the daily maintenance and cleaning of the grass.
To raise the concrete base a hardcore of crushed rock and grano dust was placed in the area providing a solid base and a firm drainage system. This provides the perfect base for urine to drain away down to the Eco drain.



To extend the drainage system further our Shark Drainage Blanket was installed next. This provides a secure base to apply the ProGreen K9 Turf. The structure of the Shark system includes a space between the back the the grass and the drainage. This gap ensures that any urine or fluid is immediately removed from the grass leaving the turf dry and odour free. artificial-grass-for-doggy-daycare-and-dog-kennels4

The 4ft rolls of shark drainage system was then flash bonded together. The edges of the shark drainage system were securely siliconed to the sleepers.
Our ProGreen K9 Turf has a special  ProFlow polyurethane backing that releases moisture away from the turf ensuring a longlasting smell free dog park. This ProFlow system is only available through ProGreen K9 Turf.  artificial-grass-for-doggy-daycare-and-dog-kennels5

The grass is the power brushed to ensure the pile to the artificial grass is upright.

Next, three quarters of a ton  ZeoFill was distributed over the artificial grass. This provides a weighed infill that acts as an absorbant of urine smell. ZeoFill is  environmentally safe natural product. Its molecular structure quickly absorbs the ammonia to prevent the release of any nasty dog odours. The ammonia from the ZeoFill is simply washed away when the dog park is hosed down daily. The water also removes any bacteria leaving a clean healthy are for the dogs to play on.

K9 Turf artificial grass indoor agility arena.

K9 Turf artificial grass indoor agility arena.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Artificial Grass For Dogs

How is the urine and waste handled on polyurethane backed grass?

Our artificial grass system is not so different from the real, natural grass. Urine is washes through the system and will go into the drainage blanket. Or, the fluid can be absorbed by a formulated crushed rock sub-base underneath. Pet waste can be eliminated through using the process you are currently using, but it tends to be less messy with ProGreen K9 Turf Grass.

Can urine smells remain in the grass?

Urine smells will not remain in ProGreen K9 Turf artificial grass. However, artificial grass can be purchased that is latex backed and this will hold the smell of pet urine. Always check the backing of the grass before you buy. Polyurethane backed grass will not hold urine smell and are supplied in rolls of 4.5m. Latex backed grass comes in 2m or 4m rolls.

Can you get rid of pet odors dog wee in latex grass?

Unfortunately not. The smell of pet urine will remain in latex backed artificial grass and cannot be removed. Latex is not pet friendly as it absorbs the urine and the smell remains. ProGreen K9 Turf is made for dogs and we have been manufacturing and supplying this grass for over 30 years. Our polyurethane backed grass has a Proflow Backing. This allows the urine to drain away leaving no odours.Proflow Backing.

How do you clean artificial grass?

Rain water is usually sufficient. However you can hose your artificial grass with water. If you have dogs and children playing on the grass, it is advisable to use PE-51 every month to kill any bacteria

Will my dog think it’s real grass??

Your dog will absolutely love it! Many dogs would avoid cement, pea gravel and sand. Dogs love real grass and equally love ProGreen K9 Turf. Pet owners feedback suggests that dogs do not know the difference..

Will my dog try to dig a hole through the artificial grass?

Some dogs will attempt to dig a hole wherever they are. Our artificial grass is remarkably sturdy, with a dual-coated backing which makes it extremely difficult for dogs to destroy, yet there are some exceptions. We do suggest the edge around your garden should be concreted in to secure the grass further.

How do you remove dog hair from artificial grass?

Saturate the artificial grass using water. Immediately use a push broom that has hard bristles. Brush the grass against the pile. Grass fibers have a tendency to lean more to one direction than of the other. The hard bristles with gather up the dog hair. Remove dog hair from the brush.