Shark Drainage Blanket By Lawn World Surpasses Other Turf Drainage Systems

Shark Drain is another example of how Lawn World Technology is incomparable with others in the competition

When it comes to the best quality artificial grass for homes, Lawn World stands as the number one company that sells top-quality turfs. Their artificial grass are famous for their odour withstanding strengths, resistance to wear and tear, and evacuating puddles and muds from rainfall easily.

However, their recent system design for drainage “Shark Drain” is a revolutionary construction of artificial grass. It is the first of its kind dynamic turf with vertical to horizontal base (the D-Layer). The base comes with a drainage, and shock pad system for in-filled artificial grass.

Artificial Grass Drainage SystemsShark Drain is an affordable solution that is ideal areas where pet urine odours can become hard to control. Compared to the conventional infilled turf systems for drainage, it has the capacity to eliminate heavy rainfall from the site in no time.

Shark Drain is also an excellent dynamic base with a shock pad. The pad helps to reduce the G-forces that you can experience on impact. Additionally, it ensures that G-max readings remain below 100 without the need to change the “natural feel” of the grass under the feet.

The core in Shark Drain transports the accumulated water to a predetermined drain outlet, which helps to keep the area free of odours.

This makes it a popular choice for dog owners. If you are interested in buying Shark Drainage Blanket, feel free to contact us now on our number 01925 633541