Artificial Grass Cost – Why is it hit or miss?

What The Other Grass Companies Don’t Tell You About Artificial Grass Costs

What is Artificial Grass, Why is it hit or miss?

Artificial grass is created from synthetic material and is like a carpet that is similar to natural grass. It is a best-suited option for those who have covered lawn. The artificial grass requires less maintenance than the real grass. Moreover, it is available in different ranges from cheapest to premium. The cheapest grass is accessible for £3 – £10 per square metre. This is the best pick for display at shop windows or shows, It’s made from Latex backing and is very low in face weight.

Apart from this, the medium range grass is obtainable for just £10 – £27  per square metre. This artificial grass is made from latex backing and has a coating of UV sprayed on top and it’s not uv stable which will show in the Warranty, The Warranty will be downgraded ie, 3-4 years 100%, year 4-5 50% year 5-6 25% and so on. This grass is not pet Friendly and you should not install if you have pets. Medium range grass always come in 2m or 4m wide, They are medium in face weight.  As far as, the premium grass is concerned it costs £27 – £40 per metre. This range of product is a good substitute of the grass as they are long-lasting. UV build into the yarn and will last from 8 – 20 years. it’s backing is made from polyurethane ‘urethane’ and is 100% pet Friendly. Very high in face weight and always comes in 4.54m wide (15ft), Warranty is never downgraded so 8 years at 100%

What is the real costs?

Prices on artificial grass go on these facts

  1. Backing. (latex 2m or 4m wide or polyurethane ‘urethane’ 4.54m wide)
  2. Face weight of yarn. (This gives you a good insight of the density of the artificial grass fibers)
  3. UV stabilizers build into the yarn.

Buyer Beware Warning!!

Latex backing artificial grass is not pet friendly as it absorbs the urine and the smell remains, it will also cause small pockets of toxic ammonia which can be very harmful to dogs and kids. When it comes to artificial grass for dogs only use polyurethane ‘urethane’ backing turf (K9 Turf)


Artificial Grass Cost Calculator

Artificial grass Cost calculate – Are you interested to have artificial grass lawn installed? If you are interested and wondering right now just how much artificial grass you will need, there are simple steps you can follow in measuring your garden. If you are able to accurately measure the square meter size of your garden, it can very well assist you in finding out or coming up with an estimated cost for the artificial grass and the installation of the grass lawn.

Artificial grass Cost calculate – Calculating the square meter of your lawn is important in order to find out just how many artificial grass you will need for your lawn or any project. In order to find out the square footage of your artificial grass lawn, the simple formula is by multiplying the width and length of the area which will be covered by the artificial grass. If the area is not of perfect shape, the technique is to measure the longest and widest part so that you can be sure that there will be enough turf to cover the entire area.

Artificial grass Cost calculate – On a side note, you must remember that with Lawn World artificial grass sizes come in 4m and 4.5m width, With that in mind, you can calculate what will be the total costs for artificial grass you will need, you simply have to multiply the turf’s total square meter which you will need by the price for every square meter of the turf. The result is how much it will cost you to buy your needed artificial grass lawn, at least the estimated amount.

Artificial grass Cost calculate – As mentioned before, when the area you need to cover is of not the standard shape, the technique is simply to get the measure of the longest and widest area. If the area is square, you are in luck as it is the easiest and fairly simple area to measure. But when it is a circle or oval lawn, you find it is even more difficult to measure.

Artificial grass cost per square metre circle 3.75m x 3.75m

When it is a circle lawn, what you need to do is measure the area’s diameter in meters. When you finally know of the area’s diameter x 2 so a 3.75m circle = 4m x 4m = 16m2 grass and fitting cost will be 3.75m x 3.75m = 14m2

So if the grass costs £32m2 and the fitting costs £30m2 then the full cost would be

Artificial Grass Cost £32 x 16m2 = £512

Full Fitting Cost       £30 x 14m2 = £420

Total Price of job £932.00

A Complete Guide to Artificial Grass

Do you know how much does it cost install artificial grass in your home? Is installing an artificial grass the best option? The industry of artificial grass is growing rapidly. In recent times, the fake grass is produced with better manufacturing techniques. Premium artificial grass ‘urethane’ is safe to use because of the environmental and economic benefits it provides. Previously, the artificial turf was limited to large clubs only but over the time is has extended its scope. Now, it is largely used in residential lawns as well.

Therefore, installing an artificial grass can be beneficial for you in the long-run. It eradicates the use of mowers, needs to reseed and use of water. If you want to reap the benefit of the synthetic grass then you must take proper care. Frequent, grooming will extend the lifespan of the grass and will make it look natural as much as possible. Read further to get some tips for maintenance and installing of synthetic turf.